Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Actually Kinda Jealous

When making a reservation for my room last night, I asked for a king bed and a fridge. I thought I was getting a fridge in my room on the second floor - the other choice was overlooking the pool with two queens. Well, it seemed to me if I wanted quiet, a room next to the indoor pool at a Holiday Inn probably wasn't gonna be a great choice. But, I guess I misunderstood - no fridge in the king room. Bummer. Had to switch.

So, yeah, kids were screaming and having a great time, but it was early. I knocked off about nine but was brought awake by a thumping noise from the room next door. It sounded like someone slamming a cabinet door over and over, or bouncing a ball against something. I thought I'd heard kids running up and down the halls and in and out of that room. I had the tv sound up.

Well, this continued off and on through the late evening, until about eleven thirty or so, when I'd had enough. I called my next door neighbors and asked them to cut back on the thumping noise a tad - and the guy said he would.

But, later on, it began again, then quit, and started again. I kinda got to wondering just what was making that damn noise! So, muting the television, I tuned in.

Well, what a moron. I now could hear the squeals and moans, and even a bit of slapping. Checking out my beds revealed the faux headboard - heavy and of fairly high quality I'm sure. But it was hung (mounted? See what I'm doing there?) like a picture.

So some vigorous activity on the ol' bed could get the rhythm goin' and make that headboard thump the wall - but it wasn't all that noisy in my room. Bet it was transmitting to the upstairs and next door just like their headboard was mine - sheesh, everyone in that little cluster of rooms had to be hearing the "serenade" that I was "enjoying."

After that session, they stepped out to the pool, and the gal and several of her friends got to talking and carrying on. I didn't feel like looking - but sheesh - they sounded like kids.

They definitely had the stamina! I'm not even sure that I had that kind of performance available in the ol' salad days.

Aaand - Holiday Inn? Fasten those damn fake headboards down better!


Anonymous said...

Woohoow! Free Pron! ;-)

Jeffro said...

But I didn't have any Cheetos....


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