Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kickin' A$$

Yep, he'll be taking names next. Just hide and watch.

Speaking of asses - I get kinda tired of hearing about how classy our First Lady is - why, she's just like Jackie Kennedy in the fashion department doncha know!

Yeah, right. That rumbling you hear is Jackie turning in her grave. None of the Bush First Ladies would be caught dead looking like that, nor would Hillary, for that matter. I'm sure I scare small children with my looks, but I'm not basking in the tongue baths of a lavishly partisan media, either. Classy? Not so much.

I got these two pics from Sondra K's site - they say a picture is worth a thousand words. That outfit is People of Walmart material right there. Michelle is ashamed to be an American. Welp, I got news for her - I'm ashamed she's representing our Nation as a First Lady. Her hubs doesn't really surprise me - he's a politician with a forked tongue, so for him to renege on the campaign promises that got him elected isn't very shocking. He's bared his buttocks with his indecisions due to his lack of experience - it's clear from his foreign policy missteps and his lack of action with the Gulf oil spill that he just has no clue.

It just irks me to keep hearing how wonderful our First Couple are.


Anonymous said...

She really, really needs a real stylist.

Jeffro said...

And he could use some advisers with real world experience rather than theories in the halls of academe.

sheri said...

She irks the hell outta me too. In so many ways. Ugh.

Lisa Paul said...

Jeffro, cut her a break in the fashion department. As another woman with a figure the fashion industry doesn't acknowledge (long waisted) Michelle's got the opposite problem, long legs and a short body. Which means, short of getting her clothes custom-tailored, she's never going to find anything that fits right. Clothing manufacturers just do not design for either of our body types.

While, even as a liberal, I have to admit I really admired Nancy Reagan's style, I also recognize that it's an expensive and full-time undertaking. Everything she wore was from the collections of her designer friends, custom tailored and had those extras that really make the difference -- such as small weights sown into the hems so that they always hung correctly. She looked like a million buck, but I bet a significant amount of her day was spent in fittings, shopping, consulting with stylists, etc. It was an accomplishment, that's true, but it's not the only one available.

I can't blame another First Lady for saying, "Forget it. Clothes is not my thing. I'll dress for comfort and for the patterns and colors I like and focus on other things." After all, she's never going to have the stick thin body that looks so great in clothes, so why even try to compete.

While Nancy's fashion forward look was appropriate for her times, maybe a focus away from expensive fashion is appropriate for these times.

And lest you think I'm just being a Liberal. I'm just as disgusted with endless speculation over whether Sarah Palin had breast implants or whether Carly Fiorina wants to reduce her campaign to playing the Mean Teen Girl about Barbara Boxer's hair.

Jeffro said...

I hear you, Lisa, and I have no room to talk. Like I said, I suspect I scare small children.

But, I am tired of having her shining examples of haute coutre used as evidence that she's the second coming of Jacqueline Kennedy. I also am of the opinion that she should be highly aware of the fact that she's a figurehead under the hot lights of fame 24-7, so she should act and dress accordingly.

Just so you don't think I'm a total Republican curmudgeon, I was of the opinion that Nancy Reagan should have kept her mouth shut when it came to consulting astrologers - as an example.

Lisa Paul said...

And just so you don't think I'm a total Liberal, I've written an entire post on how I think Nancy Reagan was a National Treasure in terms of her style and her ability to throw glittering parties. I'd like to see some smart soul bring her back as a consultant. We could use her talent to add a new shimmer to Washington.