Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm A Sucker

For requests. Specifically - little kids that want me to honk the air horns.

Today on US412 westbound of Tulsa, an old church bus gradually appeared in the ol' buggy windshield. It was full of little snots, and they saw me coming for a long time. I could see some of them giving me the "pull the air horn" signal from quite a ways back, and the closer I got, the more excited they got. More and more of them were pantomiming yanking on the air horn cord, and they were practically bouncing off the walls and roof.

So, I waited. As I just about pulled even with the rear bumper, I tugged on the cord and held it until I had passed that bus. I figured they deserved a good blast, and they got it.

They were quite pleased, too.


ptg said...

You are indeed a kind soul.

threecollie said...

Oh, man, what a flashback you gave younger brother and I on boring summer afternoons, sitting on the step of the folks' book and antique store in Fonda (long gone now) getting all the trucks on Route 5 to blow their horns for us. Seems as if they all did and it kept us happy as heck. You are a nice guy. lol

Jinglebob said...



Anonymous said...

You're still just a kid at heart, aren't ya'?

Jeffro said...

Well - since most municipalities frown on excessive noise et cetera, being able to blast on the ol' air horn For The Children© - it's just too hard to resist!