Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'd Always Wondered

Now I know. Heh.

I fear "Amy" and I would have a very serious heart to heart were March Madness off the television schedule in my humble abode. Kansas is a bit of a college hoops state, particularly when we've the KU Jayhawks (ranked #1) to root for. Plus, we also have the KSU Wildcats (#6), who appear to have the Texas Tech Red Raiders handled as I write this.

I'm pretty proud of the "Boys in Blue" this year and just about any year, frankly. Bill Self generally has some pretty well coached players on the court, and this year is no different. I hear a lot of my friends crab about how KU has won so many squeakers - that if they were a true number one team, apparently they'd do a better job crushing their opponents. The better to hear the lamentation of the women, I guess.

To this I say hogwash. Even though these young men are more than likely at the threshold of lucrative NBA careers, they are still kids in many ways. Get ahead, get bored and sloppy, let the other team back in the game. This drives me nuts as well. I can understand how it happens, though.

I never even went out for basketball, so I know I miss out on some of the finer points. I've noticed I really appreciate Bobby Knight as a color commentator these days. I think we'll look back on he and Brent Musburger as one of the finest college basketball broadcasting duos ever. Coach Knight seems to be fair in his assessments of players actions, and while he's quite capable of criticizing the play, he's also quick to praise good plays as well. He's pretty toned down from his chair tossing days. Musburger is great at utilizing Knight's knowledge by setting up timely and effective questions or statements for the coach to play off. Pat Summerall could play John Madden like a violin, and Brent has the same abilities.

So, yeah, the boob tube is gonna be on and tuned in to March Madness. End of story.


Jerry in Texas said...

I still think Bobby Knight is an ass. It's been almost 10 years (this Sept) since he left Indiana and I still can remember what an ass he was.

Great coach, maybe even a good commentator. Lousy human being.

Jeffro said...

Yep, he was a world class jerk in his day.

Kathy B. said...

love those Jayhawks! And I find Bobby Knight refreshing as a commentator - although I have read he is intolerable as a person.