Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This is for the guy in the white/tan Chevy pickup pulling a trailer who flipped me off yesterday on the south side of Hancock IA. Yeah, I was crossing the bridge, and what's more, I got there before you. There was really no need for the theatrics - pulling completely on the shoulder and slamming on your brakes. My load was not over the center line, because I was watching that, too. Which is why I almost didn't see you flip me off.

I realize these loads look pretty intimidating, and that bridge didn't have much of a shoulder, but if you are incapable of judging distance and tend to blame others for your total lack of driving and social skills, perhaps the next time you try to cross a bridge go to the shoulder, on down the embankment and on into the creek. That would be a positive outcome. Considering your display of personality, I doubt anyone will miss you, and perhaps you might actually gain some respect and praise for your miserable life.


drjim said...

Benn there, done that, and I feel the same way you do!
When I was trailering my racecar, I was always extremely careful around other vehicles on the highway. Still, some people are blithering idiots, and don't know how to drive.
The idiot probably doesn't know how food gets to market, either....

Jinglebob said...

Yeah, those who are not competent drivers should stay off the road!

We have lots of gravel roads in this area. It's how we all get around. and these idiots that are afraid to get over on their side, for fear they will lose it and go into the ditch really grind my gears!

If you can't drivel on the shoulder of a gravel road, go practice or get off the damn road, instead of trying to run me in the ditch. Especially when I am pulling a 22 foot livestock trailer!

Bad as the idiots who won't dim their lights at night.