Monday, November 03, 2008

This Was Cool

A Sam's Club just opened up here on the edge of nowhere, so I had to go check it out. It's not a full size store, but it still has a lot of essential itemsneat stuff. Wow, gallon jugs of olive oil, or super sized boxes of cereal, or office supplies (like I need that), or, well, lots of mass quantities.

Anyways, y'all know I'm a NASCAR fan, and they had this showcar out front. It's a car of Sam Hornish Jr.'s. It's really a parody of a car - that grill and headlights are just decals. The pictures really don't give you the perspective of just how slab sided the new style car really is. I mean this thing is blocky. The last show car I saw was a Dale Earnhardt Sr. car in Wichita some years ago - and there is little in common between the two other than the super basics. Like wheels, motor, seat, steering wheel - well, ya get the idea. The driver's safety equipment is so much better in this car. The seat really looks more like an aluminum cocoon.

If I could get my fat butt in this thing, I'd be happy to take it for a spin(probably literally).

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