Friday, November 28, 2008

Ancient History

I just got this picture in an email from a distant cousin today. The Justice family name plays a major role in the history of my family, and there were a bunch of them. I've forgotten just how this family is related - I'm gonna have to ask my "Unka" Bill, who is featured in one of the pictures below. Didn't these people ever smile when they had a formal portrait done? Anyways, I've seen some portraits of various Justice family members over the years, and the family resemblance between they and my father and uncle always stands out for me. John Wesley looks a lot like Dad to me - can you see it?

This is a picture of my father on his wedding day - his bride to his right and his sister-in-law to his left.

This is my Unka Bill, no doubt serving as my father's best man under duress. Doesn't he look like Joseph Curtis? Their eyebrows and noses are major indicators for me - just the way their eyes are set back under their eyebrows - a feature I have inherited as well. Their ears are also very similar - not protruding, but not flat against their heads. And, while I'm at it, Bethia Jane looks a lot like my Aunt Patsy - sister to Dad and Bill. I don't have a pic of her.

I can assure you I will be contacting my uncle - I've been told how all these people are related, but I didn't particularly care at the time. Young and stupid - gonna live forever. Now that I actually give a rat's behind about it, there aren't many left who retain this family history. All of these people helped pave the way for my generation to exist, and they lived, loved and died on the way. Their stories deserve remembrance.

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