Wednesday, October 08, 2008

You Can't Get There From Here

Were I in a car, I'd just take US81 south from Garden City, hook up with I10, take it to US 281 south and go to McAllen. This is our routing from the Texas DOT:

US83s, SH70s, PAMPA: N.LP171e/s/w, SH70s,IH40SFRe, 1ST ON RAMP, IH40e, SH70s, SH6s, US70e, US287s, FM433s/w, US183s, US82ne, SH25s, SH79s US283s, SH6e, MORAN: SP880w, FM880s, SH206s, US283s, US87w, FM2028s/e, US377s/w, IH10e, SAN ANTONIO: N.LP1604w/s/e, IH37s, SH97w, SH16s, SH44e, US281s, FM755sw, US83se.

IH is Interstate Highway, US is US Highway, SH is State Highway, FM is Farm to Market (they can and usually are real winners), and the various cities listed have some sort of truck route or spur we have to follow.

Maybe there will be some scenery.


Jerry in Texas said...

If you are going through Fredricks burg, that's the heart of Texas Hill Country. Very pretty town. Stop and get a bite to eat. I think you'll enjoy the scenery in that area.


Jeffro said...

Jerry - we were south of there on I10 today. We can't go more than a couple miles off route. Coming back empty is another matter but it's gonna be out of the way and it's not very truck friendly (from what I understand - never been here before).

I've sure seen some beautiful and interesting country on the way down, and the hill country has been pretty scenic.

Anonymous said...

Have safe travels. :)