Saturday, September 13, 2008

In The Light

I've had to drive one of our "spare" trucks while mine is being repaired. A bolt mounting one of the turbos broke, and it was pretty noisy. Very irritating. The bolt broke off in the center section of the exhaust manifold, which has to be ordered in. I have to take the spare to Michigan next week, because mine won't be ready. This truck is a Kenworth with the extended cab. It has great legroom for a day cab, and KWs are built very well and there is a lot less road noise, even for a truck with a few trips around the world on it.

So, it got me out of the XM rut, by having to listen to terrestrial radio. This truck has XM installed, but I'm not paying for a month while only using it for a week. One of the problems with the death of the AOR format is that ya just don't hear this Led Zeppelin song very often, and it's really rare on XM. I heard this on a hard rock station in Nebraska, of all places.

I'm not a total Led Head, but I do like 'em.

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