Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Joe Checks Out a Coal Mine (or three)

Some of you may recall me talking about Joe before - he had posted some pictures on his Facebook account about his summer custom harvesting. His captions explaining what we were seeing really added to the enjoyment of the album.

He had just graduated high school and was enrolled for fall classes at Wyotech in Laramie, WY, one of the premier schools for aspiring mechanics in the Midwest, or even the US, for that matter.

Well, our intrepid student and erudite writer is on a job hunt, and Rio Tinto Energy America is interested in him. I'm sure Schlumberger (pronounced slumber jay with a soft "j") and the evil Bushitlercheney Haliburton wants this young man as well. He's done well, has our young Padawan.

Do go and check out his album and read his descriptions. Joe's album speaks for itself, and really doesn't need a bunch of hype from me, so I'll be quiet now! (except to say if you want to go to the first picture and then just hit "next" you can go here)


ptg said...

Very impressive. My girlfriend worked on oil rigs in Wyoming, her mother and sister live in Gillette. When we visit out there we see these mines, but you really can't grasp how big things there are from a distance.

Joe wrote: "A train car holds 20 ton of coal, and a typical train consists of 140 cars, and the bigger mine loads 8 to 10 trains a day." I think most of them roll past the feedlot, day and night.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. He seems like a really nice and observant young man. I hope good things for him and especially with his job search.