Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Johnny and Jack

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson put a lot of us to sleep over the years, and was always a welcome "guest" at my family's house. This clip is from 1968 with Jack Webb of Dragnet fame. Webb was famous for his expressionless delivery, and here he shows his comedic talents using his dry monotone. Both he and Carson perform admirably, not flubbing an obvious tongue twister.

This surely qualifies as a viral video - I've gotten it several times in my email inbox over the past couple years. Perhaps y'all have seen it plenty of times before now, but it still tickles my funny bone. This also represents a type of humor that isn't used much anymore - no cursing or sexual content. A lot of this type humor had plenty of double entendres, but the slow progression and buildup seems to be sacrificed for the quick laugh these days. Anyways, enjoy.

H/T Nunkle Kim

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Bob's Blog said...

You are so right about going for the quick laugh nowadays. Johnny and Ed were also welcome guests in my home in Iowa every weekday night. Something dad and I did together. (Dad would always be eating his cereal bowl of bread and milk topped off with sugar), while we watched Johnny, George Gobel, or Perry Como.