Saturday, March 01, 2008


Well, I'm scheduled for surgery next Tuesday. A carpal tunnel procedure for the left wrist,and a procedure to relieve my ulnar nerve in my left elbow. Don't ask me how my heart surgery affected my wrists and elbow. None of the experts have given me any sort of explanation.

This surgery will take place if I can get shed of a persistent case of possible gastroenteritis. I seem to have the symptoms at any rate. Since last Sunday. I did see my doctor's PA Tuesday for a presurgery consult, but at that time, I didn't know what it was. Sunday breakfast was pancakes with sugar free syrup. I assumed I had used too much of the syrup. It says right on the label "Excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect." No, really? They are never clear on what is considered excessive. There seems to be no gradual effect - eating three pieces of candy might not bother me, but four turns me into a slave to Mr. Toilet. The usual OTC solutions weren't working.

When I started worshiping the porcelain god, and belching up the fumes from hell - well, that sort of gave me a clue it wasn't just "excessive consumption." I've lost over ten pounds. I do not recommend this as a diet. Today life is better. Not as many trips to the can, man. I've even gotten slightly rehydrated. Curiously, I have not run a temperature. I've got to go in for some more blood tests Monday, so I will be at the doctor's office and can postpone the procedure. Somehow, I can't see them thrilled to have me as a candidate for surgery if things haven't improved.

We'll see.


Sezme said...

Because of a car accident I had 13 years ago, my thoracic (sp?) nerves were compressed and that resulted in problems with my ulnar nerve. (That's how I ended up in college, btw. Couldn't do my job without rendering my arm useless...10-key.)

So, your problem might have something to do with any nerves impacted during your surgery. It is weird how things are connected, but they are. Of course, I'm not a doctor and my knowledge is that of a bug.

Sezme said...

Also meant to add: Get well and good luck at the doctor's office. :)

Jeffro said...

Thanks, rt. What they did say was that I the carpal tunnel and the elbow were pre-existing and the rough treatment my nerves took just brought it out more. When I woke up in the recovery room neither arm worked - period.

But, they really didn't know for sure.

Bob's Blog said...

Sorry you are experiencing this er... inconvenience. My prayers and good thoughts for Tuesday. Could these be occupation-related, rather than related to your heart surgery?

Jeffro said...

Bob - it sure could be job related. I worked for the USPS for ten years and did have some sort of bump that was nerve related while I was there - it was similar to carpal tunnel. My current job of truck driving doesn't have much repetitive stress associated with it - this sure could be residual from the Post Office.

That place is ten years I'd like to have back.

Anonymous said...

Hope it all goes well for you there.

Anonymous said...

Uh truck driving can cause that. I have a nerve problem form driving, If I bend a certain way and try to pick up something with my left hand I feel a pain in my left shoulder that corresponds with a pain in my left thumb. My doctor told me it was from driving for the last twelve years. I can't afford nor take the time off work for the surgery. A long hot shower each day while stretching helps me some. Good luck on the surgery.

What was that you were eating? I need to lose ten pounds really bad!