Thursday, January 10, 2008

Troopers Warn Slow Drivers About Left Lane Violations

It's about freaking time! Left lane hogs - members of the AntiDestination League have probably done as much to raise my blood pressure as about any other transgressors out there.

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Hrmm - when I found this story there didn't seem to be any way to embed the video, so I thought I'd try Digg just to see what would happen. No embedded video - ya have to click on the "read more" link to get to the video. Oh well, were I feeling geeky, I'm sure there would be a way to save the video and upload it, but I just don't feel like messing with it.


Unknown said...

Good! I hate it when people do that.

Sezme said...

On the NJ Turnpike, it is really normal to see NY drivers in the left lane doing about 10 under the limit. Dorks!

I only get in the left lane to pass, since I don't like to drive super fast. It amazes how many people do get in the left lane, which is not a travel lane, to just drive like they haven't a care in the world.