Thursday, March 06, 2014

Eye Spy

Queen of all she surveys, Kitsey rests upon the cat tree her Main Minion purchased for her recently. A little elevation helps maintain her dominance over the domicile.


Roberta X said...

Very fine!

jed said...

I thought that usually worked like this.

Or this.

Jeffro said...

Oddly enough, Kitsey doesn't get into playing in boxes. Sis bought her one of those collapsible fabric tubes, and she rarely plays in it - she likes how much noise she can make by rummaging around in the thing. She doesn't get on the cat tree very often, either, but she has jumped up there a little more often lately.

What she really likes to do is run around pounding her paws on the floor to see how much noise she can make, so she really likes running like mad and sliding around on the tile. Occasionally she'll chase a laser pointer, but most of the time she'd prefer I wave it all around so she can watch.

She is nine years old, so she's really pretty spry to do what she does, IMHO!

Hamza Razaq said...

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