Monday, October 14, 2013

The End Times Are Nigh


First off - this is from MSNBC of all places - and it happened there????

And I keep telling liberals who try to pigeonhole my politics to just the Republican Party, or call me a Tea Bagger or whatever that Both Parties Are To Blame, Dammit.

We didn't get here in this mess overnight, and it was not just one side of the aisle or the other, or the party of the President at the time, or any one individual.

I like what this guy had to say, and more importantly how he said it. Great rant.

But if he thinks our Child of Chicago Politics In Charge is gonna Do The Right Thing by exposing the corruption that put all of Congress in power and keeps them there is going to happen, he's got another thinking coming. Because, the same types have put our Affirmative Action President in place, and they've been getting a pretty good return on their investment, plus he's gonna continue to deliver. He's not about to grow a set and discover morality if it means screwing over the people holding the reins. End of story, sorry Fellow Americans (not really), but That Is The Way of Things.

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Caught a patch of street interview yesterday, clicking on channels and arriving on local news: a reporter was asking people on NY street (I'll stress it again: New York street), what they think of the shutdown and what the president should do, in their opinion.
Among expected howls of liberal scam I suddenly heard one man, seating a bench, turned to the camera and said: Resign!