Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Sick Of It!

I'm sick of the media mischaracterizing the freaking issue. The GOP isn't against womens' reproductive rights, buttwads, they're against having to pay for optional and purely personal procedures and medicines. If you want to use birth control - go for it. Comes out of your pocket. Same as if you want to have your nose made smaller, fat liposuctioned, tits enlarged or whatever. If you want a Cadillac, go for it. Just don't expect me to freaking pay for it. Doesn't mean I'm prejudiced against consumers wanting Caddys, just that I don't want to pay for something YOU want.

I'm gonna get crude here, so here goes.

If women can demand free (for them - the rest of us have to pay for it) birth control and free (see previous) abortions, then By Gawd I want free dick enlargement procedures as well as other cosmetic surgery - because after all, my positive self image is a RIGHT, dammit, and YOU should be paying for it, not me. Occasionally, I suffer from ASB (Acute Sperm Backup), a proven medical condition that can cause poor health. Clinics set up to relieve that pressure should be taxpayer funded (legal hookers, dammit!). And if you oppose it, you are a male hating misogynist, prejudiced against men, and probably club male baby harp seals for fun and wear the bloody furs while dancing around an effigy of a penis and testicles, cutting them to pieces with switchblade tampons while singing Helen Reddy's I Am Woman.

See what I did there? Exaggeration, marginalization, misrepresentation - all tactics that are being used to support my paying for someone else's abortions and birth control.

Look, the whole idea of rights has been completely corrupted. Rights are what the Bill of Rights guarantees us in the Constitution - as far as Federally recognized rights. Each state may add to them, but they cannot infringe on them. Plus, we aren't given these rights by our government, we naturally own them and the powers that be cannot mess with them.

I challenge any of you who think female reproductive rights (including my funding your procedures) are actually outlined in the Bill of Rights to point out which one enumerates that God Given Right. You cannot. If you want the Bill of Rights to "make it so" then get your bad selves right after on working on ratifying an amendment. That is the proper chain of command. But you cannot do that, either, so by misdirection and crummy politics y'all try to force the rest of us to your way of thinking.

I'm sick of it. You want it? You pay for it. Not me.


LeeAnn said...

I am 100% pro-choice. But I should have to pay for whatever that choice entails. Or my insurance, which I count as the same because I pay out the ass to them on a regular basis.
On a similar note, I'm starting a foundation to raise money to get plastic surgery to rebuild me from the ground up. Now accepting cash, checks, and Silly Putty.

Ur Huneeee said...

Ah, Baybeeeee you miss all the fun at home!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, apart from comparing apples and oranges (or abortions/contraceptives with with cosmetic enhancements), you are absolutely right...

But guess what: I went to my tax accountant for an annual torture session, and he added to my joy with information, that no matter how much I spent on my healthcare this year (all documented paid bills), if all of it out of my pocket and not through insurance (which I don't have) - IRS does not recognize it as health care expenses.

Not that it relates to your post much. But I am still fuming.

Jeffro said...

Don't blame you, I'd be pissed too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, as one who must pay for my healthcare coverage, which has a high copay and deductable, I am tired of paying for those who choose not to work or pay for their own ins. maybe I should just quit buying my own and get better care by going on medicare?? I too, get angry that I don't pay enough out to claim it on my taxes, how much is enough??
you always make me think!

Jinglebob said...

Fantastic!Atta' boy, you done good!

Preach it brother, preach it!!!!!

Bob's Blog said...

This is the best post I have read on this subject. I have linked to you here: