Monday, November 21, 2011

It Really Was A Tough Question

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Where in the world indeed! The picture of the sailboats was taken from the building with the red roof - Mama Roja Mexican Kitchen on the shores of Lake Hefner, which is located within the metro Oklahoma City, OK area. It serves as a reservoir and recreation area with a bunch of bike paths, picnic areas and such.

The entire area on that little point is very picturesque - behind the restaurant to the west are more restaurants and clubs, and to the south is the Oklahoma City Boat Club with even more mooring for sailboats.

When I saw the view while eating lunch with my sister, it occurred to me that no one would believe that was in OKC. Just looking at the picture on it's own certainly suggests a coastal location! So, it really wasn't a fair question - you'd just about have to familiar with the area. I am, and I sure didn't know all that was there.


lisa said...

Wow, pretty amazing. I don't think I have ever been to Oklahoma. I will have to make that my destination someday just so I can say I have been there.

CGHill said...

It's also the wrong ZIP code - 73170 is down there west of Moore - but at least they got it in the right town.

Jeffro said...

Good thing I wasn't using GPS - might have ended up in the lake!