Sunday, November 08, 2009

From the Safety Dept

H/T SondraK

I had some things I wanted to say about all this - but as I was turning it over in my mind backing out of a parking space at Mart of Wall, I heard some honking. Turns out a guy in a minivan had started backing out when I did, and I did not see him. Were it me, I'd have gone forward and let the clueless so and so (namely, moi) go on, but he sat there and honked at me instead. At any rate, I figured I was pretty wound up about the issue (if I couldn't pay attention driving), and after some reflection I decided I was unable to say anything that wasn't inflammatory, plus I was taking a position that is hard for me to defend.

My issue is with the Islamic religion, and our society's continual treatment of it's adherents with kid gloves. Don't wanna hurt their feelings. Meanwhile, the more radical members of said religion are plotting our demise. Yep, Christians haven't always been model citizens, either, but for the most part, sanctioned genocide by Christians was several centuries ago, not three days ago. So, can it with the moral equivalence arguments. Not all terrorists are Islamic, either - one in particular was a gun totin' former military redneck. People who bomb abortion clinics do not have religious sanction. On the other hand, some of the radical greenies do have sanctions from their respective organizations. Take from that what you will.

I do not have a solution for finding radical Muslims intent on our destruction. I'd really rather not go down the Japanese interment road we traversed as a nation in WWII - regardless of Michelle Malkin's defense of same. I do think all of us as gunnies need to look at the issue from this point - why do we find it so offensive when the antis lump us in with criminals and gang bangers when the subject of gun ownership comes up? We're responsible as a whole, and criminals are not - so taking our guns away is not logical. And yet, I find myself ready to toss the whole "religion" into a camp and throw away the key. I'd sure feel better if the "religion of peace" actually policed itself, and spent more time taking a stand against terrorism. But, the moderate leaders won't because they'll have fatwas called down upon them. Refreshing the tree of liberty seems to involve the blood more of innocents rather than tyrants lately. And that is what is pissing me off.


Anonymous said...

As a whole I share your thoughts, but at least you may get people to thinking about some of these important issues. Isn't that what America is all about? Promoting thought, sharing of ideas, and hopefully becoming more intelligent, amd learning from each other?

I just can not understand why more people do not pay attention to the morals, ethics, and issues of our culture, or not even know why they have the opinion they do, or are they just stealing one from the liberal media?

Take action, after you have time to process you ideals and opinions, and share it with others to resolve issues, then act on it, by paying attention to who you vote for (1st and foremost), as our leaders, then paying attention to what decisions they make while in office. We all have responsibility to our country, our world,and future generations.

threecollie said...

You would cringe for sure if you had daily contact with college campuses. What passes for leadership there is terrifying, and any minority student gets a free pass for almost any behavior...

Bob's Blog said...

Me too, Jeffro.