Monday, July 07, 2008

Didja Ever Bend Over

and have yer brain fall out? I'm sure that's what happened to me.

I've got a Motorola V710 cell phone. It's picture taking ability is certainly questionable, but it does have a data port that comes in handy, since it plugs right in to the holder connected to the booster amp in my truck. It's an older model that still transmits in analog (instead of exclusively digital), which has saved my bacon in the Panhandles in the past. Another of it's features is a memory slot that takes MicroSD memory cards, AKA Trans-T flash memory. The tiny slip of metal and plastic can be removed and placed into a Secure Digital (SD) sized holder to plug into most laptops, lots of new pcs, and some printers to transfer photos and/or songs, or whatever, without burning up a bunch of data minutes.

So, one late night at a motel after I had pulled the chip out to transfer some pics, I left it out next to my laptop. Later that day, I checked the memory slot and hey! No chip!

Dammit. So, the next time I was online, I started looking. It had to be 512megs, and I really didn't need the adapter. I found one on eBay for less than ten bucks shipping and handling. In the meantime, I had to email my pictures to myself.

Soooo, the new chip showed up. I opened the lid to the slot and tried to push the memory in place. No luck.

You can probably see where this is going.

It wouldn't fit because the original memory was already in place.

Perhaps I should use my bifocals more frequently.


Earl said...

Silently aging, because he never heard the questions he had the answers for, until the answers slipped away -- no more. Bifocals, or just working on adjusting my patterns of sense to fit what I see. You do have two now, twice as much to misplace as before, opportunity abounds!

Jeffro said...

earl: So, I am right! My brains did fall out!