Saturday, December 29, 2007

TCM Shoots, Scores!

The Turner Classic Movies channel is showing a string of Duke movies today. Woo Hoo! First up was McClintock! My mother actually hated this movie because she found it mysogonistic. Yeah, I'd have to agree that the women being spanked makes me uncomfortable. Other than that issue, the movie is really pretty lightweight comedy, and just reflected some of the prevailing views of the time. TCM has some pretty good commentary about the movies they show, and this was no different. Batjac - the Duke's production company - was really hurting after the movie Alamo had tanked and lost them a load of money. McClintock! was a box office success, and Batjac was saved.

Next up is one of my favorite movies of all time, much less a fave Duke movie: True Grit. Wayne won an Oscar for his portrayal of the one eyed federal marshall. It is said he played the same character in each movie - The Duke. In this movie - perhaps so. Rooster is the archetypal Wayne, only older and cranky. Glen Campbell was an unusual choice as La Boeuf since he didn't have much acting background. His popularity as a singer was supposedly why he was chosen. Turns out he was very good in the role. Wayne wasn't happy with Kim Darby at all. Her behavior on the set led Wayne to feel she was unprofessional. He actually wanted Karen Carpenter for the part, but was overruled. Other noted actors were Dennis Hopper as Moon,
Strother Martin as Stonehill, Jeff Corey as Chaney the father murdering crook, and John Fiedler as Lawyer J. Noble Daggett.

I'm not forgetting Robert Duvall. As Lucky Ned Pepper, his exchange with Wayne late in the movie has to be one of the classic scenes of all time:

Rooster Cogburn: I mean to kill you in one minute, Ned. Or see you hanged in Fort Smith at Judge Parker's convenience. Which'll it be?
Ned Pepper: I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man.
Rooster Cogburn: Fill your hands, you son of a bitch.
Next up is one of Wayne's best performances in Red River. I'll be watching the Patriots @ Giants until it gets boring - I think we all know how this one will turn out. I've seen Red River, but not the 2007 Pats/Giants game. As far as I'm concerned, Wayne's best performances drama wise were in Red River and The Searchers. He wasn't the same character in those two that he generally portrayed in his other westerns. His portrayals were much darker, more primeval and elemental. Much closer to evil. The characters were fairly far removed from the one he played in say - The Cowboys.

As far as how I'm doing - not too shabby. Today was a sort of step backwards - I get these days once in a while. My left arm really hurt today - it still isn't coming along nearly as fast as I'd like. I have little control over my left little finger - typing is a pain - every a might be caps lock, q, qa and as at the same time - well, you get the idea. The weather here has just plain sucked for me getting outside and walking - Thursday night we got about six inches and it hasn't gotten above freezing since. I'm cleared to drive, and I do need to take a trip to the grocery store again. I expect a trip to Wally World is in my future before 2007 runs out as well. My left leg where they harvested the veins isn't nearly as stiff nor pained as it was - I'm not gonna be jogging on it for quite a while, but I sure can walk on it. My chest still hurts, but I'm not married to the heart pillow so much anymore if I cough or sneeze.

Mostly I'm bored and ready to get out and about, but I don't have the stamina necessary at the moment. It will come. I figure if the snow melts and it isn't muddy, I can get out and do some more practicing with my handguns. I've enough strength in the left hand for normal support. I expect any rifle shooting will entail calibers under .224 - which means my ARs and my .22s can get some exercise. Recoil from anything bigger could be a problem with my chest, as well as any prone shooting. The Poor Farm is equipped with a rudimentary bench and target stands - all I have to do is step outside.

I certainly want more motor control over my hands before I do some home improvements I've been putting off - like a couple new light switches and a receptacle. I happened to awaken during on of the heart zapping procedures - I've had my fun with electricity for a while. If I'd had a light bulb in my mouth, I could have lit 'er up if I didn't bite it in two, like I nearly did with my tongue. I'd rather pee on an electric fence than run through that procedure awake again. They didn't realize I had regained consciousness - I surprised them. So, I still have some atrial fibrillation that will be dealt with later on. Or, I may have to take rat poison (coumadin) for the rest of my life, which has certainly been given a big extension if I take care of myself. Gotta keep the big picture in mind when I start carping about things not working as well as I'd like.

The alternative - not so much! God bless y'all and thanks for dropping by!


Bob's Blog said...

McClintock is my wife's favorite movie. She just about has the whole script memorized. I do not assume however, that I have spanking privileges.

I am praying for you.

Sezme said...

A friend of mine...his mom played Mrs. Bagby in True Grit.


I haven't seen him in years, but we've talked briefly over the years. Miss him lots. Nice guy.

threecollie said...

Our men are ecstatic about the TV fare as well...they will watch it every free minute.
Hope everything continues to progress as well as possible.

IHeartQuilting said...

I loved The Duke in 'The Quiet Man', and '3 Godfathers'. The 3 Godfathers was probably not as well known as most of his other movies, but it was funny.

Keep up the good recovery. A Happy and Healthy New Year awaits you!

Anonymous said...

I found it rather funny that Robert Duvall was going bald in True Grit as young as he was at the time. He is one of my very favorite actors. I loved him in lonesome dove. The mini series "Comanche Moon" comes on T.V. on the 13th of Jan. Not sure of the channel though.