Saturday, September 22, 2007

Marcia Marcia Marcia!

If you have been under a rock and missed out:

Reports: `Brady Bunch' girls had sex with each other


Despite the wholesome image the cast of "The Brady Bunch" projected on screen, it has been well-documented that the scene was quite the opposite backstage.

In the latest salacious story about sex scandals on set, Maureen McCormick (otherwise known as Marcia Brady) reportedly will reveal in a new book her more-than-sisterly relationship with Eve Plumb (aka Jan Brady).

Details of "Here's the Story," due out next year from HarperCollins, have been leaked to the always reputable National Enquirer. The New York Post is also reporting the story.

McCormick's tell-all would be more shocking had co-star Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady, not written "Growing Up Brady," in 1992. In it, Williams described how he dated not only his on-screen mom, Florence Henderson, but engaged in several romps with McCormick as well.

Well, it was the '70s!

McCormick, 51, is married with an 18-year-old daughter. Plumb is divorced and working as an artist.

But wait! The publisher claims:

The book publisher for Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia Brady on the 1970s sitcom "The Brady Bunch," is shooting down rumors that she had a lesbian on-set affair with co-star Eve Plumb, who played her younger sister Jan.

The story of the alleged lesbian affair started circulating the Internet Friday, and was picked up by at least one newspaper on Saturday.

The reported source of the story was McCormick herself in her new tell-all book, "Here's the Story," slated to come out next year.

But the book's publisher said, though there are plenty of other revelations in the book, a lesbian affair is not one of them.

"We are verifying that it is not true," said Debbie Styer, senior vice president of group publicity at William Morrow, the book's publisher. "The real story of what happened in [McCormick's] life and behind the scenes of the show will all come out when the book comes out."

It should no longer be a revelation to fans of the show that life behind the scenes was not as wholesome as the scripted half-hour plots.

Barry Williams, who played oldest brother Greg Brady, revealed in his 1992 autobiography, "Growing Up Brady," that he had been romantically involved with both his TV mom Florence Henderson and with McCormick.

But, according to a press release, there is still more dirt to dish.

McCormick describes being put in "dangerous situations" and being "exploited." She also discusses struggles with eating disorders, drug addiction and depression. Though I may never completely win this battle," she writes, "I will never lose. … I have arrived, for the moment at least, in a solid and secure place, which is allowing me to visit my past without fear. Writing this book has been such a cathartic experience. I hope it will not only shed light on who I am and how I got here, but more importantly, remind the readers that there truly is a light at the end of any tunnel."

McCormick is 51 years old, married, and living in Southern California.

Dern. One fantasy blown out of the water. Maybe Susan Dey will write a tell all book. Or, even better, Judy Jetson. I don't really want to know about Wilma and Betty.


LBJ said...

And Mr. and Mrs. Howell had separate beds. . the SHAME! :-)

Jeffro said...

Oh great, now you're reminding me of Ginger and Mary Ann. Which one? The flashy actress or the demure farm girl? Aaarrrggghhh!

IHeartQuilting said...

Wow, I grew up watching the Brady Bunch. I'm shocked. Well, not really. But I will admit that I do still watch an occasional rerun and 'The Very Brady Christmas' each year. It's become sort of a holiday ritual that my kids are embarrassed by.

*sigh* Now it's ruined for me.