Sunday, September 12, 2004

Kim duToit's Open House

Well, finally got out of the hermit mode and got out of town. I decided it would be cool to meet Kim and crew, so I drove down to OKC to see my number one (and only) Sis, then drove down (when you are North of a place, you drive down to it) today. I met a lot of very smart and enjoyable people there, but I never really took the time to talk to Kim. That will be part of the mission tomorrow, or later today....

I am too used to having the road to myself - I used to look forward to "traffic" as a challenge, but now it just makes me nervous. I used to be pretty aggressive - but to be fair I was aggressive in cars made for that, such as the MR2, the Trans Am, and the 'Vette. I always signal and give a lot of room, but the thrill is gone. I must be a reformed adrenaline junky - I like it under more controlled cirmcumstances these days. Another thing I noticed about roads here is that they absolutely do not know how to make a smooth concrete surface. Brand new stinking road rougher than an old corncob. Got to see a few pieces of interesting iron - the one that really sticks in my mind was the Challenger in Sub-Lime with black stripes and 340 six pack written on the side. If it really was one - well, who is to say? It looked good though. Also the pre '72 Chevy shortbed pickup that was chopped, louvered and black with flames - man I just go nuts for a good black paint job with four color flames!

I brought a ton of ammo and several guns - I kind of doubt I will shoot it all up, but ya never know!

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