Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Vision Of The Future?

I've got news for Bill Day. He shouldn't be giving those of us who believe in gun rights any ideas, take his defeat, and go home quietly. This sounds like a hell of a fine idea - having the Feds help fund self defense guns for those who cannot afford them. Training would be nice, too. Maybe even ammo handed out like government cheese.

Of course, I'm sure that's not quite what he meant, and I'm also quite sure he's disgusted with Congress critters taking NRA money, but the reality is there is a lot more voters involved on our side than his, and it's showing. So there, a$$hole. Get over it, already. The continuous bleating and lying is getting old.


Jess said...

Guns are the only reason that progressives will never be anything but political chatter.

Earl said...

I am for more public ranges to shoot upon, but I prefer, like most shooters to provide my own.

Of course, if we were like the Swiss and expected their franc and reserves to defend their democracy we might issue one rifle and ammo per minuteman.