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Wednesday, January 08, 2014


One of the benefits of blogging is that one spends a fair amount of time reading other bloggers. Sometimes, I even have my horizons expanded by reading different points of view. Which brings me to this:

We've surely all heard about the uproar about the usage of "derogatory Indian names" for sports teams and in particular the Washington Redskins have been singled out, mostly because of the rather politically incorrect comments the owner has made in the past.

Well, it just so happens that over the years I've counted a fellow blogger named Ron as a friend. He happens to be full blooded Choctaw, and is rightfully and damned proud of his heritage, and is heavily involved in the dealings of his tribe both spiritually and politically. His blog is called "The Local Malcontent" and he is based out of the Talihina, OK area. In the mountains.

At any rate, he has some very strong opinions on this subject and expresses himself quite well in this rant. I very strongly recommend you go and read the whole thing, as they say, because I suspect his position is not quite what one might expect when one listens to the limousine liberals stirring the pot.

I'm serious. Go and read!!!!

Thursday, January 02, 2014


After all these years, my ol' innertube, forum and blogging pal finally met each other. That would be Chris Byrne, the Anarchangel and one of four forum moderators at The Gun Counter.

We first met when Kim DuToit started his first forum. Chris was the fourth person to sign up - I didn't get signed up until the next day. But, we were there at the start of it all, before either of us started blogging. Kim was an inspiration to both of us. If you remember, he wrote such controversial essays about the pussification of the American male and held some feces stirring views which he and his wife Connie famously defended tooth and nail. Chris and I used to have some very long and involved phone and IM conversations where we really got to know each other. I gotta say, if you don't know it, Chris is pretty much a genius. I had to give him some crap today when he started providing a little extra knowledge into the conversation - I asked his lovely wife Melody (Mel) what it was like being married to her own edition of Wikipedia. I had always thought there was no difference between a KC strip and a NY strip steak. I was wrong.

I'm laughing thinking about it now.

At any rate, Chris, Mel and their progeny Chris V were headed across I70 - they were going to Colorado Springs this afternoon on their way back out to the Phoenix area. Man, I'd never had Chris so close to home before - when they lived in northern Idaho, I was in the southern part - still way too far. But now? A two hour drive to Hays? To meet at a nice restaurant? You betcha.

We met at a small chain grill called Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill in Hays, where the steaks are marinated and grilled and delicious.

And by the way, Chris is a big guy. He gets his clothes from Omar the Tentmaker just like I do.

Melody with the sprout - rather I should say sapling. I've forgotten how long they've been together, but it has to be well over five years. And I finally got to meet the better half! She was kinda busy.....

The star of the show - I give you "Happy Boy." That is what the family calls him because he just plain smiles all the time. He's always happy. It's easy to get him to smile and laugh. He has no fear, and liked me right off. This is different than I'm used to - I'm far more used to fussy babies that are freaked out about how big I am - particularly if they first see me standing. Not this little turd - only he ain't so little. He's a statistical outlier, which is what Melody thinks is a better name for him. He's eating solid foods, refuses pureed baby food  - he just turns his head and the trap is closed when he doesn't like something. No drama, just outright refusal. He's manipulative - of course he had me wrapped around his little finger instantly.

It had been a while for sure. Chris was fascinated by two babies sitting at the end of the table next to us, and they were just as intent as him giving him the once over. None of them had anything to "say," but it was pretty comical. He was a head bigger than either one of them, and the same age. He also liked my beard and immediately tried to remove it from my face. Never got a grip on it, but I understand that he does - and does the same thing with hair. And he's got a grip for such a tyke.

At any rate, we didn't have much time - it was snowing when I rolled into Hays, and it wasn't getting any better while we were there. So we both knew the longer we stayed, the more bad weather we'd be fighting. Sure enough, I had to drive all the way to Dodge to finally run out of the snow. Chris ran out of it around Wakeeney, but they ran into weather in Colorado.

At any rate, even thought it was a pain in the arse to fight slick snowy roads, the whole thing was completely worth all of that. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quote of the Day

From Jeff Soyer, aka Alphecca:
It’s “Talk Like a Pirate Day” 
I guess that means we all have to go around sounding like IRS agents.
Wish I'd have thought of that......

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Goes Around Comes Around

I have been completely remiss in getting around to saying something about the situation, and lots of you will already know what is going on......

Long story short, Squeaky of Squeaky Wheel Seeks Grease is having some funding problems for plumbing problems. Jennifer and Erin have been tirelessly pushing a raffle for a fundraiser - and for the moment it is done. However, Squeaky still is short of her goal.

By Gawd the internet community came to my aid - unasked, unplanned, and even over my objections.

It is time I gave back, so I just did.

If you have the coin and the inclination, Squeaky could really use the help. You can read more at the above links, or go to Erin's page specifically with a pay link, or go here directly.

I can certainly attest to the power of a few people tossing a few shekels - it truly does add up, and the money I received after the Death of the Poor Farm certainly went a long, long way towards returning my life to a semblance of normalcy.

So go help her out already!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

They Just Rob Your Pic a Nic Baskets

Scott Adams (Dilbert) really and truly does not like bears.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

So Called "Gun Rights"

That was part of a comment left on this post by Erin Palette of Lurking Rhythmically. She was doing a bit of celebrating over the Senate's defeat of a slew of gun control bills, and one commenter wasn't happy about her stance on "gun rights," the chosen method of marginalizing her position.

The original post was a thing of beauty, but her response to the commenter is even better. Ms. Palette is a Pegasister (female brony), and spends a lot of her blogging time on that pursuit. Perhaps that might lead you to think she's a rollover, but you would be mistaken. Erin is heavily into self defense and the preservation of her rights, while still maintaining an overall progressive attitude. And she has a very good command of the English language and is quite adept at skewering those who piss her off. She does NOT care for condescending behavior, period.

So, go and read. Read her original post, then her followup. You'll appreciate the time you took.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Need A Little Help Here, Boss

drjim's wife is probably losing a grandson. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Quote of the Day

See, I'm not Congress; sometimes I have to do actual work instead of just writing about what other people otta be doing.
RobertaX, on why she didn't have a new post up. Awesome, simply awesome.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

She's Pretty Scared

And rightly so.

Tamara Keel, the proprietress of View From the Porch, may or may not be suffering from skin cancer.

You may (or may not, which is why I mention this) remember she is pretty big in the Second Amendment blogger community, and when she linked my troubles after the fire at the farm, I received a chunk of money from donations thanks to the traffic she sent to my blog. She even made a donation.

I am forever in her (and her roomie's, and other bloggers, and my friends at home, relatives, and people I've never met) debt. Which is why I am asking y'all who may not know her to at least give her some words of encouragement or promise of prayer, or whatever. She has no health insurance, so a donation to her PayPal link would also be apropos.

As for me, I've got to wait until my electronically deposited paycheck clears sometime tomorrow morning before I will be able to do a damn thing. I will then make a deposit for sure.

Paying it forward is more than just a concept - it requires input beyond just talking. As far as I'm concerned, she is an excellent example of someone who deserves having some of the karma she has sent out returned.

So I ask of you to do what you can.

Monday, September 17, 2012

I Am Like, In Total Solidarity

With Laura of Fetch My Flying Monkeys. She called for “National Irritate a Food Pic Hater Food Pic Posting Week” or NIAFPHFPPW for short.

The minor fact that she called for pics of food a week ago last Friday, and the week of posting food pics was supposed to take place last week has no bearing on my complete solidarity in this matter. Plus I'm just posting on this one day. Shaddup.

At any rate, I really haven't made anything that made me want to take a pic til tonite, when I made my version of Spanish Rice.

That gold stuff at the edge of the salsa verde and the rice is some sort of camera artifact

I rarely measure, so here goes:

1 lb hamburger
1/2 green bell pepper finely chopped
1/4 yellow onion finely chopped
Couple handfuls of sliced jalapenos from the glass jar variety
1 regular can tomato sauce
1 small can tomato sauce
2 cans WallyWorld generic Rotel style diced tomatoes and green chilis
1 1/2 cup instant rice
Garlic powder
Black pepper
Chili powder
And a healthy dollop of this:

 I don't add very much because of the sodium, but if you want a tad more tomato flavor and some chicken stock, which adds to almost any kind of dish quite well no matter the meat used, this is the stuff. I get the granulated version. Easier to measure more finely and mix in.

So, brown the meat and veggies until they are just about done, then add all the other stuff. I never measure the spices - just open the top and sprinkle across the top until it looks right. Not so much with the black pepper, there are limits ya know. It will for sure take some added water as well - the rice will soak up all the liquid present and need more to cook out.

I also add about fifteen or twenty shakes of this:

I tell ya what, IMHO this is the best hot sauce there is. Far better flavor than any of Tabasco's offerings at about a fifth of the price. We're not paying for all the fancy tv ads with this stuff. Tapatio is another that has a great flavor. It's different, and maybe slightly hotter than the Louisiana brand. Still freaking tasty, AFAIC.

Sooo, ya let this simmer and cook until the rice absorbs all the water and is cooked and soft. You have to keep stirring and gradually adding small amounts of water - when the sauce starts blowing out big ol' gloopy sounds from large bubbles popping - turn the heat down and add a little water to thin it out.

I usually make this as a copycat version of Rice-A-Roni by using vermicelli noodles broken very short, and sauteing them and regular rice with the meat and veggies to brown them. Takes longer to cook, but it's a different texture. That was actually my Dad's idea - he spent a ton of time puttering in the kitchen to good effect, as most of the old neighbors and relatives can attest. Another pasta alternative that gives the same results is acini di pepe, which also works well sucking up moisture in stews. I also use barley for that as well, but I'd bet barley in this stuff would probably be a fail!

So, when it's done and ready to eat, I'll put it in a bowl and mix in some grated cheddar and then top it all with some of this:

World Table is WalMart's attempt at making some of their brands more upmarket than just generic stuff. I've kinda developed a taste for salsa verde over the years, and this stuff has just the right acidic but not sweet taste I've found. Basically it kicks ass.

Sooo, this is just a down and dirty quick and easy to prepare meal, or rather for me, several meals since I ate two bowls and have two snap lid containers full in the fridge right now.

And also for Laura - I made a smart alec comment on her blog about how I could parallel park my semi on a post where she admitted she hated and avoided parking like that. Well, just for her, I have visual proof that I (or I got someone else to do it, but that ain't what happened - I did it) actually had to use parallel parking techniques to fit into this spot.

This is at the Comfort Inn in Colby KS and that pillar is one of two that hold up a huge sign that can be seen for miles. I have to pull beside them and then back into that spot. There is also a T/A truck stop there, and a Village Inn, and it's all called The Oasis - thus the palm trees in the background. That particular Comfort Inn has the Jeffro seal of approval, by the way. Finest kind.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

This Was Interesting

Well, to me anyways. My posts about my home fire were linked by several prominent bloggers in the past couple weeks, and it's been interesting to compare statistics considering the traffic potential they bring when they do link.

Just for the record, I posted about finding out about my house on the 26th. On the 27th of June threecollie of Northview Diary and GBBL of the Gunblog Blacklist both passed on my predicament, as did drjim of Every Blade of Grass as did Jinglebob (Robert Dennis) of Dennisranch's Weblog.

On the fourth, my old internet friend The Anarchangel posted in the Guncounter forum.

Then on the fifth, Tam of View From the Porch mentioned me in a post, along with Bobbi of The Adventures of Roberta X - who owns the house where she and Tam reside. Og noticed at Neanderpundit. Also, my buddy Bog Agard of Bob's Blog started working on having The Instapundit link me. Professor Reynolds wanted me to put up a Paypal link first - so it took me some time to get that set up, since I was back at work. He linked me on the 18th.

I hope I remembered everyone and their roles - if I missed someone, let me know - I plead being a tad distracted.

Anyhoo, it was interesting to compare traffic during these times, because the initial rush did have more people linking me, but the second rush was from the Instapundit. I'd never gotten an "Instalanche" before - the resulting crush of traffic a link from him generates. I had, however, gotten a "Tamalanche" in the past. So, who brought me the most traffic?

This is what Sitemeter says. This is also distinct visits. The gun blogosphere sorta blew Insty outta here.

And thus we have the tale from Google - in pageviews, not distinct visits, so this stat is higher than what Sitemeter was tracking.

The complete tale of traffic sources:

I got significant traffic from other iterations of Tam's blog as well - different variations on the addy of her post.

I found all this somewhat odd because I'd always understood that an Instalanche was generally overwhelming. In this particular case, I'd say the gunblogging community won, if this was a contest.

So, I thank you all. It's been a hell of way to generate traffic, and frankly, I'll be glad to be a little less notorious, thank you very much!

Edited to add: Jed tells me Kevin linked me as well, and I missed it. I don't comment much on his site, but I do have him in my Google Reader and try to keep up. He's one of the bloggers I've actually met - at a big blogmeet in honor of 9/11 in Plano, TX - at the du Toit place so many moons ago. Hell of a nice guy, and a freaking genius to boot. I do have certain debating skilz, but I'd surely detest the thought of going against Kevin - he's formidable, thorough and meticulous in his arguments.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


One could argue that the minimum requirement to be called a leader is that you don't wait for your Vice President to become so embarrassed by your position on a prominent national issue (gay marriage) that he takes control, forcing you to meekly follow. President Obama glibly said that Vice President Biden "got over his skis" when he came out in support of gay marriage. Actually, Biden displayed leadership. I understand why the President didn't recognize it.

On the Republican side, Romney is like a bag that's half snakes and half candy. When you put your hand in, you never know what you're getting. Romney might be awesome. I like the general idea of putting a turnaround expert in the oval office at a time when we need one. But the reality is that we don't know what we're getting with Romney. He is, after all, a robot that professes a deep belief in magic. Good luck predicting how that would shake out.

President Obama is getting a lot of credit for killing Bin Laden. But how much credit should we give to luck? It was lucky timing that our intelligence people located Bin Laden during Obama's term. And if no one knew for sure that Bin Laden was at the compound before the attack was launched, the President was guessing. He guessed right, but guessing isn't a repeatable skill. And realistically, you and I would have made the same decision to launch a strike. 

In theory, the United States is protected from revolution because we have the option of voting out the bums we don't like. The reality, which is sinking in, is that our only option is to replace bums with bums. As long as no candidate feels the need to be philosophically consistent, or to base decisions on data, we don't have a functional government.

Emphasis mine. Wish I'd said that. This is from Scott Adams's blog - I ripped off the title, too. Just to be painfully obvious, the * does not hide a "P."

Scott goes on, and you should read the whole thing. I'm for thinking he goes off the reservation at times when he proposes something, but one needs to keep in mind that his whole reason for posting is to get people thinking and talking. This, he does quite well.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just Wondering

What's up with Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half? She last posted 10/27/2011 on depression. Her last tweet was a "promo" for her blog post. Her Facebook page is empty, and her Google+ page last activity was in August of 2011. Anyone hear?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Times in Rapid City

I've got a load that I can't get rid of until tomorrow morning here in Rapid, so I had some extra time. It was a sign. I had to meet the legendary Robert Dennis, aka "Jinglebob" of Dennisranch's weblog fame.

For those of you who don't know Robert - his is a rancher located east of Sturgis, SD. And he's not just any rancher - he is an old school cowboy. He makes his own gear (as well as orders for others), is a cowboy poet and musician, and if it can be done from or with a horse, that is his preferred method of working. So, he is continually breaking horses for team and working cattle. When he brands or doctors his charges, it's done from horseback with a lariat. I grew up using squeeze chutes and holding pens.

At any rate, several phone conversations revealed that we were on the same wavelength on a lot of things. I've been trying to find a moment to stop in, but today I got close enough that he drove in to buy my supper, if you can believe that.

He's just as entertaining in person as he is on the phone or online. We had a blast talking about a whole lot of nothing, but having a hell of a time, and even got some flirting with the cute waitress in.

Thank you, Robert, and we'll have to do this again. And if you come down into the flatlands, as you call 'em, it will be my turn to entertain!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's That Time of the Year Again

Rabies reports increase in Kansas

Kansas health officials say 13 rabies cases have been confirmed so far this year, a 300 percent increase over the same time period last year.
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says it had only four confirmed rabies cases in the same time period in 2011. Kansas has averaged 68 confirmed cases of rabies a year since 2007.
WIBW reports state health officials have confirmed rabies in a coyote, a raccoon, four skunks, two bats, two horses, two cows and one cat.
KDHE officials say the cases are most prevalent in skunks. They encourage the public to watch their pets and livestock and be aware of wild animals. And they encourage owners to vaccinate their animals against rabies.

The increase probably has something to do with the mild winter (pretty much non existent, in fact) that we had. I'd just bet we're gonna have some problems with insects this summer, too. It just didn't get cold enough long enough nor snow enough.

Remember, you are probably not gonna get rabies from a skunk or a raccoon. But little Fluffy, who was outside watering the lawn before being allowed back in, might catch it defending her turf, like a little Fluffy would.

My shy ol' dog Babs used to take 'em on. I'd smell the results of the battle, and she would come to me all proud and happy with herself because she had by God done her job! Unfortunately, it would be several days before I could stand to reward her.....

She was bitten a few times, too - it might have been raccoons or skunks. Her neck became very swollen for  a few days. I figured that was where a bite became infected. She always healed up, and as she got older and wiser, she learned to leave those critters alone. Her turf was primarily her food dish, and the older Babs became more of a live and let live kinda hound.

Since she passed and I don't keep dog food on the front porch anymore, my encounters with wildlife have diminished considerably. There is nothing to draw skunks, opossums, raccoons, mice and birds. The mice attracted snakes. They're all still out there, but not camped out on the porch these days.

Rabies isn't quite the problem as in the past, but it's still serious business:


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Bow in Scott Adam's General Direction

Scott, on his blog today, answered if his editors reject a cartoon. He said it was rare, and this one was rejected yesterday, perhaps he went too far?

I like it!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

For Those Of You Who Don't Use an RSS Feed Reader

Rachel Lucas seems to be posting regularly again - she's just as sharp, funny, introspective and observant as always. Still living in Italy, probably for several more years.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nasty Perv Nutsack Sweat

To rip off Dave Barry - that would make an excellent name for a rock band. But it's not - it's a quote from another hilarious post from Laura Ledford's Fetch My Flying Monkeys. This one involves three women planning on visiting some mayhem on a tally whacking exhibitionist that has been reported in a particular area. That's all I gotta say about it, you'll just have to go read. Then, read the comments. The interaction between Laura and her commenters adds greatly to the fun factor. She holds all comments for approval and usually answers each and every one. Since she gets close to fifty comments on all her posts, that's a lot of work and on the fly humor. She also illustrates (her "renderings") a ton of posts, features her toy dinosaurs wreaking havoc, unless Jack, her wiener dog, eats a toe off one.

It's all light hearted fun, and it comes your way about five or six times a week. Well worth the visit!