Friday, May 11, 2012

Get Real

What the LGBT community, the press, and social liberals think is the situation now - their Hero has spoken and assuaged their fears that maybe he wasn't gonna "do anything."


The reality. All Teh Won did was say he was for gay marriage, but he is NOT going to expend any political capital on it. This was just a cheap way to sound like he's gonna keep a promise, while not doing so.

And I gotta say, I totally agree with Ted Rall's take on this issue. "The Decider." Heh. Remember, that's what he campaigned on - that he would be "The Decider" - non partisan, uniter, not a divider, and so on. What a fantabulous example of pure D leadership he has exemplified thus far. Hope and Change!

And just as an aside - remember Dear Leader is a self proclaimed Constitutional scholar. Sure came through on state's rights on this issue, now didn't he? However, state's rights mean nothing in Obamacare. It's all about what benefits Teh Won.


lisa said...

I have nothing good to say about the president, so , I will keep my mouth shut until election time!

Jeffro said...

Heh! Obviously you have more self control than I, and are more polite to boot!

lotta joy said...

Since half of Hollywood men are gay (I'm assuming) and since Georgy Clowny had a party for Obama (Obama walked out with 15 million) I assume we're screwed. Permanently - because few of us can live through another 4 years of idiocy.