Thursday, May 03, 2012

I Hear It!

During the drought of the past several years, well, it's been dry. It's been so dry that the toads haven't bothered to come out. I suppose the past few rains we've had were not enough, and not warm enough.

Monday night, things really popped out at the Poor Farm. We got a couple inches of rain, but not without the drama of withering hail and a tornado. I, on the other hand, had my butt parked in a motel north of Des Moines, so I missed it, and my poor hail pounded pickup did as well.

I got home last night with the Mighty Binder, and is my wont, stepped outside during the evening. Wow!!!

Thousands and thousands of toads, singing their song, the occasional croak rising above the chorus.

Welcome back, my singing friends. It ain't just birds that we like to hear out hyar!


Anonymous said...

Loved listening to the frogs when we camped out or even just sitting outside!!

threecollie said...

Nice! Our toads aren't out yet, and when they do come out they sing with just a little different accent, but I do love to hear them.

drjim said...

Thought it was going to be a tribute to Hypnotoad!

BrbdWyr said...

It's nice to see you appreciate them noisy buggers. We live above a swamp that borders the river, and man, we got the frogs and peepers and whatevers else won't shut up at 2 am. I do like that sound come spring, but I do like sleep, too!