Friday, May 18, 2012


I repeat: "Huh?"

Just exactly how does Republicans wanting to reign in spending compare to the members of the European Union that have blown their budgets - and are at or near bankruptcy? And if they all to fall, might bring down the economy worldwide? Just how does preaching austerity equate to the idea that you should keep spending money you don't have a chance of raising? Ever? And whose citizens are apparently so hooked on their entitlement programs that they'll vote for people who will continue to spend like they've got the bucks?

I follow a lot of editorial cartoonists, and Tony Auth is definitely liberal. I generally disagree with most of his messages. But this? I guess you have to believe money can be made by printing more and more and more and more........


Jess said...

I've decided liberalism is a mental illness.

Jeffro said...

It certainly seems to require a certain disconnect to survive.