Sunday, May 20, 2012

OK For Thee But Not For Me


And here I thought you were all about gay marriage and how brave Obama is for supporting the same.

I guess it's ok unless some of Teh Ghey might rub off on you, eh?

I like gay people, but I don't want any of them touching me!

Hrmmm. Let us substitute a word here and see how that kind of thinking works:

I like black people, but I don't want any of them touching me!

Actions speak louder than words, man.


Anonymous said...

Meh. I wouldn't want some random woman grabbing me and trying to kiss me on the mouth in public, especially not in front of TV cameras.

It's one thing when your wife kills a skank for something like that, but I'd have to help her try to dispose of the body afterward.

Dad Bones said...

Even without a wife I wouldn't like it anymore than I like a stranger's dog sniffing my crotch.

Will probably likes going to White House parties and is willing to suck up to the Obama's to keep the invitations coming. If this gets a lot of bad press he'll wind up under the bus.