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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Which Holiday Character Are You?

I was kinda thinking I might be The Grinch, when thinking of the answers I was giving. But I think this is fairly accurate - I can get pretty frustrated and frazzled, just like George.

Try the test your own self!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Off His Nut


Mario is mad as hell and isn't gonna take it any more.*

*With apologies to the movie Network

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mem-Reez, Like The Corners of My Mind

With apologies if the title gives you an earworm.....

This would be my score in the Name The Game game. The games being the pioneer arcade video games from the past, and the test is a series of short audio clips of certain effects from those classics. You get three choices. Apparently I did not play all of them back in the day - I sure don't remember some of them. However, fifteen of eighteen wasn't too shabby, either!

H/T Ace

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Do You Know Your Fifties Cars?

You got 81% (39 right out of 48). The average score is 73%

Something different today - step right up, try your luck, see if you can beat the score! Play American Torque's Car Show Game - 1950s!

I don't know my Chrysler products, or a bunch of the "off breeds." I did ok on the Ford and GM stuff, though. Heh.

H/T Road Pig

Friday, May 21, 2010

30th Anniversary for Pac Man

Can y'all believe it - it's really been thirty years. May 22, 1980. Of course Pong and Asteroids came first, but it was Pac Man that reached out past the shoot-em-ups to a much larger demographic - namely women.
(A) Japanese company called Namco Bandai released a game in Japan called Puck-Man. The title was rejected in the United States because some worried that the "P" would chip off the cabinet and look like an "F."
To quote Johnny Carson: "I did not know that."

I was a better Ms. Pac Man player - for some reason I liked that version best. But, I've certainly fed many a quarter over the years to a Pac Man machine.

Google's logo today is a playable version of Pac Man in honor of the anniversary.

I never cared to play the game without a proper joystick - the arrow keys on a keyboard are just too clumsy and slow. It was still fun to take it out for a spin!

Friday, January 22, 2010

How Good Are You

At eyeballing lines, finding centers of circles and so on? The game is called The Eyeballing Game and it can be found at

This was at Iowahawk's place, and he said it was for the frustrated engineer in us all. There are seven figures repeated three times for the average score. I thought I did poorly at 5.41 - I'm gonna have to try this in the morning when the ol' eyeballs are fresh. Yeah, my eyes are tahrrrd. Yep, that's the ticket, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm Here to Tell Ya

That this would be in a place of honor in my lottery fueled game room in the new house.

It's an Ultimate Arcade II Cabinet MAME - which means it has a 'puter running MAME software capable of running old video arcade games. It also has a decent sound system - which, considering the tech at the time, mostly needed to be loud. More importantly, it comes with a bunch of games preloaded - some really take me back!

Most important (in my mind) is Defender. No keyboard or commercial joystick ever really replicated the original arcade version. It took mad skilz to play that game with it's myriad buttons - I could and did "roll it over." Other blasts from the past include Joust, Robotron, Sinistar and Spy Hunter - some of my old faves. There are several others, but these would do. All it needs now is Galaga, Ms Pac Man, Centipede, Missile Command - oh well, ya get the idear. And Gorf - that one is pretty hard to find. In my ideal post lottery winning days, I could just purchase the necessary MAME goodies to play those as well. Actually, just between you and me - if I resurrected some old drives, I'd find some of those old MAME games I downloaded back in the day, when they could be picked up for free. The new games are certainly impressive with their superior graphics, sound and so on - but they leave me cold.

I can remember the first good (Pong got boring real quick) video arcade game I ever played - it was a two person console version of Tank at a resort hotel near World's of Fun in KC. Our high school Honor Society sponsored that trip, and some of us future geeks managed to tear ourselves away from that game long enough to ogle some of our hawt classmates in their bikinis. Just barely.

I guess my chances of winning the fool's tax would increase dramatically if I would actually buy a ticket once in a while. I suppose I'm getting tighter than bark on a tree in my old age....

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cannon Challenge Game

This game rocks - "Take charge of your own Non-Line-Of-Site (NLOS) cannon, the revolutionary gun that represents the future of U.S. Field Artillery. Use the simulated elevation and velocity controls to destroy enemy targets with indirect fire."

You get fifteen shots for each stage. Any leftover rounds are bonus points, when you use up your fifteen, the game is over. The screenshot shows the results of my very first game. I should keep notes so followup shots in the same range would be easier than continually ranging fire. It is pretty cool - give it a try!