Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hoo Boy

At the start of the NASCAR Coca Cola 600, part of the ceremony included playing Amazing Grace on bagpipes. That song has quite a bit of emotional baggage for me - I chose it as one of songs performed at Dad's funeral. It seems well suited to bagpipes, too. So, a bit of Googling uncovered this:


I think this video is entirely appropriate for the Memorial Day weekend, don't you? I know I found it particularly moving.

On a side note, Rooster the cat was quite distressed when he heard the bagpipes on the boob tube, and he wasn't much happier when I started looking at bagpipe versions of the song on YouTube. He's sitting at my feet right now hoping I'll put the laptop away and comfort him. Which I will do. He's never reacted that way to any audio coming from the surround sound system before, except for the odd cat meow in commercials. Those just get his attention. Sorry, old chum, but I'll be listening to this in the future as well.


lisa said...

We love that song on the bagpipes too. The hubbies family are scottish and we just love to listen to the pipes! We used to do the scottish games and it was so awesome to listen to the mass pipe bands play all at once at the end of the games! You picked a great one for today.

lotta joy said...

Stud and I worked for the same fire department and after 9/11 he went directly to NY to help on the pile, searching for victims. He attended funerals while there and bagpipes get to him every time even though he attended 12 funerals during his stint there.

Jeffro said...

Wow. That song carries a lot of emotional baggage for sure.