Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What Was Old is New Again

Link, and better version

I've been hearing this song quite a bit this last month. Foreigner's first album came out while my compadres were in high school, and we used up the eight track tapes listening to them. I'll never forget my best friend and I cruising around town after a less than successful foray into the dating scene, singing Cold As Ice at the top of our lungs when it rolled around, along with the Eagles Already Gone.

This was in a '68 Javelin SST with the 343 four barrel and auto. That was a fun car, and M had an eight track installed in the center console with Kraco speakers (no doubt). Quality audio for sure - heh.

But, we tended to have more money in our performance parts than audio components in those days.

It's good to hear Foreigner again.


RT said...

I heard three songs in a row by Foreigner, yesterday, as I drove around (or was it Sunday?). I was singing as best I could, too. They even played my favorite: "Blue Morning, Blue Day".

When I was a teenager, one of my work buddies had a Javelin. That car was more than cool. After we closed the restaurant on the weekends, we'd take my car home and go drive around for a few hours. FUN!

Anonymous said...

I have a lucky Foreigner T-Shirt I wear while on guard duty, kept me safe so far.