Monday, August 25, 2008

15,000 Concealed Carry Permits Issued in Kansas

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When the debate over the carrying of concealed weapons raged in Kansas, critics warned that violence would ensue and that more children would die in accidental shootings because of ready access to handguns carried by a parent.

According to state authorities, neither has happened.

Since January 2007, more than 15,000 Kansans have become concealed carry permit holders, and, according to the Attorney General’s Office, not a single one has committed a crime using a handgun.

“I’m not aware of any incidents in which a concealed carry permit holder used a handgun in the commission of a crime,” said Chuck Sexson, director of the Attorney General’s Concealed Carry Unit.

Sexson said there have been suspensions and revocations of permits – 23 as of August – but most related to permit holders who became the subject of temporary or permanent restraining orders.

Sexson also indicated that some individuals had been cited for carrying concealed weapons into venues that prohibit them. Local authorities handle those misdemeanor cases, he said.

Oh yeah. The sturm und drang issued by the opponents to concealed carry had Old West confrontations Dodge City style by gun totin' revenge crazed posse members. Police would not be safe with the populace armed because they would be shot by Unintended Consequences reading slack jawed Smith and Wesson owning trailer park denizens killing with the soundtrack to Deliverance playing in the background. Poor, misunderstood armed minority criminals would be hunted down and slaughtered by their racial overlords, without them having a chance to explain it all or get free tv and eats for five years or so, missing out on furthering their educations in criminal techniques at our finest retention and rehabilitation facilities.

Hey, they tried to mischaracterize and muddy the issue with invalid arguments, why can't I? Besides, I got news for those people. Out where I live (you know, in flyover red state bitter guns and religion country), people carry guns in their vehicles all the time. The deer rifle mounted in the rear window of a pickup isn't there just to show affiliation with mouth breathing gun toting ignoramuses (ignoramii?). Nope, the weapons are used to protect the charges we have committed to our safekeeping from predators, varmints, and various and sundry animals that do not have our best interests in mind. This includes predatory people as well.

But, as we all know, preventing concealed carry is For The Children®

No official figures are available on the number of accidental shootings involving children are available. But, Angela Nordhus, executive director of the Kansas State Child Death Review Board, said she hadn’t detected any up-tick.

“Based on a quick review of reports submitted to us by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, it doesn’t appear there has been an increase with regard to accidental shootings of children,” she said.

Kevin Graham, an assistant attorney general who serves as chair of the Child Death Review Board, concurred.

“I haven’t seen anything to suggest there’s been any increase in the number of firearms deaths involving children,” Graham said.

What? What? The blood of innocent children exposed to the evil that is privately owned guns isn't running in the streets? I thought us gun owners were all irresponsible barbecue and beer swilling snaggle toothes idjuts who need to be "looked after." We surely couldn't allow children to be around guns! Particularly the 18 to 19 year old "children" included in the "children killed by gun violence" stats, that would be considered, oh I dunno, adults by the courts. We've got to protect the older gang bangers from shooting each other up over drug deals gone bad by preventing law abiding citizens from carrying guns! That'll show 'em - why, the gang members will be quaking in their sneakers and bring in their illegal guns by the truckload at the next "gun buyback" program, making our streets safer!

Buuut, all this blood and mayhem has not come to pass. Wonder of wonders, legal gun owners have once again proven to be responsible civic minded citizens. Surprise, surprise.

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Earl said...

Not really fair to compare Kansas's success with the rest of the nation, they still have a real school system and people work for their living. Basically good people going right...