Tuesday, August 05, 2008

M89 Near Fennville

We were on I196 south of Holland, MI, when we had to go east on M89. When we get kicked off interstates, it is usually because of road construction (too narrow for our loads) or an overpass we won't fit under. So, we had to take M89 to M40 and go on into Holland.

I don't think all of southwestern Kansas has this many trees. It's cool to look at, but I likes my wide open spaces. Plus, oversize loads are only allowed to run 50mph on four lanes, and 45 on two lanes. We might have broken that law. But, geez, 55 and 60 for trucks while cars are 65 and 70? I get kinda burned out on the slow speeds. Studies have shown (and I'm too lazy and pooped to reference any) that speed differentials are one of the major influences in car/truck collisions.

Oh well, I'll be home at the end of the week, back in the land of straight, fast roads.

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Dadgum said...

Without a bunch of trees along roads to hide wildlife I wouldn't think you'd have as much roadkill in your part of Kansas.