Monday, August 11, 2008

Haulin' Butt on the Big Road

To the driver of the red Freightliner who successfully passed a Swift truck today west of Burlington CO on 170:

Man, I tell ya, you are a lucky driver. The powers that be at Swift and your company (sorry, I missed the name) decided that your respective onboard computers limit your top speed to the same limit. However, either you had more tread on your tires than that "slow" Swift truck you passed, or your speedometer reads a tad slower. Either way, you definitely had the speed advantage, and it showed. You also had the extra power needed to pull right on by that Swift truck, too. This was no back and forth battle up and down the rolling hills - it was clear you had the more powerful machine. Everyone lined up behind you knew you would be the victor in this life and death struggle on the Interstate hauling America's goods. You were able to gain at least 100 feet on ol' Swifty every five miles - since that is how far you had to drive to get past him. At that rate, in your eleven hours of driving time, you could actually be 2.5 miles ahead of that dern Swift driver at the end of the work day. Look at the advantages, dude! If ya pull into the same truck stop, you'll beat him to the fuel line, showers and supper - always a huge advantage!

But, alas, when I was pulling out of the Kansas port of entry, I merged in front of that Swift truck. You should have gone by as I was working my way to the entry ramp. Wait - there you were - at the end of the line of trucks waiting to clear the port. Swift popped for PrePass, and either your company didn't, or the State of Kansas called you in to check ya out.

Oh, the humanity!


RT said...

I always giggle when the impatient motorist quick to pass everyone and gets waaaay up ahead ends up at the same stop light as me, having gotten no further than anyone else. HA!

farmist said...

"Everyone lined up behind you knew you would be the victor in this life and death struggle..."

I suppose this really means all 40 people lined up behind him wanted to kill him?

Jeffro said...

rt: I get a big kick out of that too.

farmist: Yep, it sure looked like some would haved liked to use the shoulder. They looked it over often enough.