Monday, January 10, 2011

Going Nowhere Fast

The Poor Farm and surrounding areas were hit by a less than impressive snow storm last night and today. A thin layer of ice was deposited, followed by some very light, fluffy snow. The weather prognosticators were crowing that we'd get five to six inches of snow. Not hardly. Maybe, just maybe, two. Moisture content? Basically nil.

We need the moisture, too. It's dry.

But the conditions were crummy enough that us oversize haulers didn't go anywhere. It's worse north of here and spotty to the south - but far enough that I couldn't get to the better roads today anyway. We'll see what tomorrow brings. In this case, if it's gonna park me, I'd prefer that the weather exceeded the minimum requirements.

I also have a prayer request, or positive karma, or whatever. One of my oldest friends has been battling cancer. He was having trouble with his vision, and further examination revealed some small cancerous brain tumors. During treatment, they found more in his chest, and removed what they could. He's been going through a comprehensive surgery, chemo and radiation regimen for some time.

Apparently to no avail. The doctors have gone to pain management mode, waiting for the end. His family has requested privacy, so I won't link to his update site. I just ask that in your conversations with The Man, you consider adding Jeffro's buddy Oscar and his family to your list. He will know who you are talking about. They're gonna need the support and strength.

Oscar and I have been buds since kindergarten. He's always been an ornery, yet classy guy. I could always count on him, and hope he could do the same from me.

It's a sad day here. I'm gonna miss him.


Lisa Paul said...

Sorry to hear about your good friend. Prayer check for Oscar and his family from these quarters.

Jeffro said...

Thanks, Lisa.

MorningGlory said...

Our winter weather event was in reverse order from yours. First we got about an inch of fluffy snow, topped with about a quarter-inch of very slick ice. I tried to go to work, went about a mile, turned around and came home. The roads in Central NC are treacherous.