Saturday, January 29, 2011

Big Doings Going on in Kansas Today!

Yep, the State of Kansas is one hundred fifty years old today. From it's bloody start to becoming the Breadbasket of America - well, it's been interesting. Even if it is flyover country to many or something that drivers suffering from boredom between Denver and Kansas City on I70 have to deal with - well, frankly I don't care.  I like it here.
Plus, today is the annual KU vs K-State basketball game. KU has dominated this contest for years. This year, the game is played in Allen Fieldhouse at KU. As in Phog Allen. As in "The Father of Basketball Coaching." Of course, if you know your basketball history, you also know that Phog got his start as a player for James Naismith. As in "The Inventor of Basketball."

Ya think there might, just might, be a tad bit of tradition in Phog's arena? How about the Rock Chalk Jayhawk - KU chant? Of course, the answer from the K-State Wildcat fans is Rock Chalk Chickenhawk Go K-State. However, to a KU fan, they aren't Wildcats - they are the Mildcats. The Chickenhawks had a sixty nine game winning streak on the James Naismith Court, but Texas kinda put the quietus on that last Saturday.

KU supporters are "way up there on Nob Hill," while K-Staters are a bunch of farm rubes (since KSU is the state ag university. There really is a bit of class warfare - if you are a rural type, K-State is your place, while if Daddy is an Old Moneyed Kansan from Johnson County - well, little Missy is gonna be in a sorority at KU. End of story. Not that there aren't moneyed types at K-State or rural farm types at KU - but that is the impression one gets.

Here at The Poor Farm - well, it's a house divided. My father was a major KU fan, while my uncle graduated from K-State. I am also a former student at K-State. But, I enjoy watching both teams. I'd like to see the Wildcats win this one tonight, but frankly, I doubt it will happen. I'd like to see some of the more rabid KU fans taken down a notch. Last year, there was a picture that made the email rounds that a KU fan had displayed at a conference showdown that said "K- State - can we borrow your trophy case? Ours is full."

Gotta give that guy his props. Beats a big D and a mini white picket fence all to hell.


SteveK said...

Congratulations to Kansas on her sesquicentennial! I guess it dates me, but I vaguely remember the Kansas Centennial celebration back when I was a kid. Mostly I think it was seeing the word on that year's license plates since I hardly knew what a "centennial" was. -Cousin Steve

Lisa Paul said...

Yay Kansas! I remember being thrilled at age 10 that my father was being reassigned to Kansas. To me, that meant the portal to OZ!

Kathy B. said...

Happy Birthday home state!
Of course I love KU - but have a soft spot for K-State. Wish it could have been a better game - oh well - Frank will get them going again!