Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Been Meaning to Post About This

I got one of my stolen guns back. I've had it for several months, and kept forgetting to take some pictures. It's a Henry Golden Boy in .22LR. It's a "replica" of the 1866 Winchester "Yellow Boy."

As you can see, it has led a hard life. It turns out that some lady - not much younger than me, pawned it in Lost Wages. The pawn shop didn't run the numbers until the next day. She only got fifty bucks for it.

She is the estranged daughter of someone kinda local - it was probably her husband who actually had the gun. I'm sure that it will come out that they didn't have anything to do with the robbery, but took the gun in trade for drugs or some such. He's a felon who has violated his parole, so the cops are "looking" for him. She had a clean record up til now. They're hard to track down because they are homeless.

My county sheriff, who returned the gun to me, also showed me a picture of this gal. My first thought was "meth addict." Yep. Her parents apparently had to write her off, because she's hooked and won't seek treatment, but still wants money to support their habits. It's sad for sure, but that doesn't mean I feel sorry enough for them to forget my stuff was stolen. They broke the law.

Considering the hubby is on parole, and has violated that parole, and has been running free all this time kinda clues one in on how serious our justice system is about justice in general.

Oh, and it's against the law for him to have a gun. Like that stopped him.


Laura said...

They sound like fine upstanding citizens. Meh.

Glad you got a gun back.

LeeAnn said...

Glad you got it back and glad they have one less gun.
PS: WV is "cretters", which is how Europeans pronounce "critters".

threecollie said...

Glad you got your gun back at least. As soon as I saw the pic I remembered when they were stolen. Getting to be far too many of those kinds of folks around these days.

Lisa Paul said...

Well, let's give the County Sheriff props for tracking the gun down. It's not as if perps like this leave much of a paper trail.

Jeffro said...

Well, my sheriff's dept deserves it's due, but it wouldn't have happened w/o my having the serial numbers for them to report to the NCIC, and for pawn shops being required to report pawned items with serial numbers to them as well.

Lisa Paul said...

I thought you'd have a little more Western Justice that close to Dodge City. When our ATV was stolen, our Sheriff (and he's a damn fine sheriff with a proper Wyatt Earp mustache) rounded up the usual suspects and had a perp in custody, tried and ordered to pay restitution within a few weeks.

Jeffro said...

Snork! I wish!

The Sheriff is pretty tickled about the possibility that he might have to go to Vegas on the county dime to pick this miscreant up for prosecution.

Plus, I got my yearly "Did you get any of your stolen property back without us knowing about it or an insurance payment? If you don't answer we'll remove your data from the NCIC database" letter.

I'm tempted to ask them if they have a lead on an insurance company that will pay off on a claim AFTER the goods are stolen, since my answers will be the same as last year's questionnaire.

So, it will be: "Nope, still stolen, no insurance and no guns - except for one, and you know about it."

jed said...

Hey, that's a fine little tooty-toot there. Glad you got it back. That was your snake-killer, wasn't it? I oughta have a lever .22.

Jeffro said...

Yep, that's the rattler dispatcher. And yeah, you should get a lever .22, cuz they're fun and cheap to run!