Monday, August 05, 2013

Goofin' Off

Been kinda busy these past few days - screwing around that is. Sis came up for a concert by Jury - a local rock cover band whose lead singer we've known since we were little kids. Mostly because we played together all the time. Sis wanted to hear her sing, and they were performing at Wright Park as part of the Dodge City Days festivities.

What was even more fun was watching the kids:

Of course one petered out temporarily while I caught this. Those two and a revolving cast were really really getting into it!

Oh, and Tosha can sing.

So, Sis left yesterday, and I'm in Albert Lea, MN tonight, on the way to Grand Rapids MN. Two nights there, then off to Niles, MI.

That is about as far forward as I have planned so far.


jed said...

Vacation eh? You scoundrel! ;-)

I often wonder what taking one of those would be like. Well, you're in some good country there. And you'll be completely surrounded by my relatives for a while, until you get up there close to the Great White North.

Hope you have a splendid time. And give me some advance warning if you're headed this way.

Earl said...

Albert Lea? I was born there to be close to my mother, left before I could really learn hockey or to read, still I returned for years to see my grandparents and cousins. My father flew for Fimbo there. Neverminnd, too much for your blog, but glad you visited. By the Harley Dealer? Ha, ha!

jed said...

Difficult to imagine being born someplace other than close to your mother.