Monday, July 04, 2011

Independance Day 2011

There is always that look, with the pressure of assumed agreement. Yep, the ol' US of A has overreached with it's greedy empire building (yeah, we've really been expanding), or guzzled at the trough of abundant food and energy (we found it, we grew it, we're using it), or how heartless we are with our health care (the world comes to us for quality care) -  we need to be more civilized like Europe (our Republic is an anathema to the socialists) . The military is contemptible, with their use of mild torture (compared to who?) or accidentally hitting some civilians in a war zone (excuse me? Terrorism is A-OK while our inadvertent civilian deaths make us morally bankrupt?) . Our open border policy is too strict, and is racist to boot (just try to get into Mexico from the south and see what strict border enforcement is all about). Our Constitution needs to be more up to date and progressive. Judges should be able to legislate their emotional responses from the bench so our laws are not so jarringly different than the other regimes out there.

If you identify with traditional values, then you are a fat cat Republican (or worse, a TeaBagger) who is aiming to crush the elderly because we feel the government cannot continue to fund unlimited retirement and health care , discriminate against people of color by expecting some sort of return on welfare, food stamps and so on rather than just continuing to propagate a society that has no plans of ever working. Spending money we'll never have and printing money as a means of creating wealth in order to fund large corporations, banks and unions is apparently the new road to prosperity, regardless of the evidence before our eyes. And God - well, you really are a slope headed flyover country imbecile should you have God in your life.

You just aren't "with it" if you find yourself nodding in agreement at what I say.

I'm tired of it. I'm getting pretty cranky, frankly.

Stop dissing the country and enjoy what we've built here. We fought to get away from a lot of the crap y'all are foisting on us, and we haven't forgotten that, either. Remember.


drjim said...


Although I suppose mentioning something that might vaguely be referenced to firearms is also a no-no!

Happy Independence Day, Jeffro!

Jeffro said...

Back at ya, Dr. Jim!

Laura said...

Happy Independence Day!

Anonymous said...

Amen. Sonsabitches!