Monday, July 11, 2011

How To Deactivate A Cat

(CBS) - Important news for cat owners! Many first-time cat purchasers are confused by the directions found in the box. Cats usually come in pieces, and quite a bit of assembly is required. It's overwhelming for new owners, and many may overlook some critical kitty components. That's where this helpful internet video comes in, showcasing an important switch you might not have known your cat had.

The deactivation switch, an essential button on any feline.

Of course, as they say - Read The Whole Thing because I don't want to cut and paste the whole article and get into trouble with the Fair Use Doctrine.

Shades of the ol' Vulcan Nerve Pinch, eh?

H/T Dave Barry


lisa said...

Oh goody, now I know what to do with my cats when I want them to quit running around the house like their heads are cut off ;)

Jeffro said...

On The Other Hand, it might be more like the old How To Give A Cat A Pill story!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

A BINDER CLIP! Ouchies. Put wunna them on yer under arm waggle and I gare-run-tee you of the opposite effect. Ask me how I know.

Jeffro said...

I think I'll take your word for it! ;-)