Monday, January 09, 2012

Sheesh. Ted Goes Off His Nut Again

Well, whaddya know - ol' Mitt is Mormon! Who knew? Why, I remember well when Ted Rall posted a political  cartoon lampooning Obama eating watermelon and fried chicken while smoking a big ol' doob. Oh, wait.....

Since Mitt is ostensibly a Republican (not really one I'd claim, but there you go), this really and truly isn't bigotry at all. If you have to have that explained further, yer a racist bastard, you scum.

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Anonymous said...

well, according to Wiki on Mitt, at least part about charging outrageously big "management consulting" fees to the of companies that soon went bankrupt is true.

[how sound, then, was Romney's advice?]
I won't go as far as calling that a hostile takeover, - but that raised my eyebrow.

Everything else is schoolyard slights and pretty toothless.