Monday, January 02, 2012

Made Up My Mind

About who I'm supporting in the Republican Presidential Primaries. Unfortunately, Mitt will probably prevail. He really is the second coming of Flipper. He claims to be more or less against the health bill, but since it's modeled after the one he helped put in place in Massachusetts, believing him seems very self destructive. Plus, I'm tending to believe his actions towards the issue of gun control rather than what he says now. The rest of the candidates? Flashes in the pan suffering from hoof in mouth disease. Honestly, I'm not sure how a candidate can overcome the liberal bent of the press, but they'd be advised to do better than the current bunch. I'm not sure how much hubris they have collectively, because it certainly seems to be that they think more highly of themselves than the rest of us.

I'd vote for Scott Adams, who has announced his candidacy on his blog (yeah, I know it's satire). A lot of what he says makes sense, but I cannot countenance his idea of using former President Bill Clinton as his primary advisor. I'd listen to him on the subject of picking up chubby chicks at titty bars, but not much else. I do know what my definition of is is. Just. Don't. Trust. Him.

That really doesn't leave much choice - I have voted for Alfred E. Neuman for various posts in the past, but he's not revealing much about what he supports or doesn't. So that leaves one candidate in the clear:

Kevin, the Lost Bunny of the Apocalypse, the Senator from Prickly City. His openness in supporting mayhem and destruction, plus selling his soul to the devil seems refreshing to me considering his spineless competition. Try to convince me Newt wouldn't sell his soul, if the devil would have it. Or any of the other candidates, for that matter. Kevin hates everyone, so charges of antisemitism, racism and bigotry will slide right off. His only flaw so far is that it was discovered that he actually does love his wife, and is faithful to her, when he was denying it all along. I can live with that.

Since voting against the Republican stream in Kansas is a waste of a vote, and then actually having any influence being from Kansas in the first place compared to the East and Left Coasts, I might as well sleep well at night for voting the way I did, knowing I didn't have to sell out once again voting for the lesser of two evils.

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Anonymous said...

Mirror situation here (voting against the Dem stream) - but since I'm not affiliated with any party I will save my choice of "writing in" till November.
Regardless who will win the Peps' nomination none of them is my choice (alas, G. Johnson is de facto out), so I will probably repeat my practice of nominating Sadie, my pal Karol Markowitz' 2yo.
She has more sense and integrity in her little pinky than all of them combined.