Monday, June 13, 2011

Two Men At Age Twenty

Raiding the email inbox again today - this one has been making the rounds:
Wow, talk about pictures being worth a thousand words! Here's Benjamin Netanyahu at 20 and Barack Obama at 20. Think either has changed much? Me neither. Which one would you choose to watch your back?

Netanyahu basically handed Our Fearless Community Organizer (you know, the guy who had all kinds of foreign affairs experience by voting "present" in the Senate) his ass when Teh Won brought up his brilliant scheme to roll back Israel's borders to 1967 lines. Plus, Obama knew it and was just a tad upset according to Washington insiders.

And here I thought it was the Republican Nixon who had the potty mouth.

Amateur hour for US foreign policy. Who'd a' thunk it?


Cedar View Paint Horses said...



Assclown extraordinaire.

Anonymous said...

Barry is just like a spoiled little rich kid who shows up on the farm/ranch and thinks he can do the same work as those who have grown up doing it all their life. I used to think that at least some Progressives had some brains, but anyone who believes in this idiot, are even worse than him and the Wookie!