Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I'm Still Kickin' Part II

Sorry about the lack of posting - been pretty busy. My assignment for Monday was to take some three hundred barrel steel tanks to a yard near Greeley, CO. Sunday I saw the only trailer loaded with the appropriate tanks was missing a wheel and hub - one of our drivers didn't get very far with that load earlier in the week. I called my dispatcher, and she had the idea that it would be fixed and ready to go first thing Monday morning.

Welp, that would be a pretty good trick, because the axle stub would be totally screwed. The old axle will have to be torched out and a new one welded in. The axle fairy isn't gonna take care of this repair.

I happened to see the chief of our loadout crew in Wally World Sunday - you know, the meet and greet place of the Midwest. He had no clue that load needed to be ready Monday. He told me he'd have a load ready for me next morning.

But, they start loading about the time we start leaving in the morning. I figured the extra hour of sleep would do me good, and sure enough, when I got in, the load had just been finished and off I went.

Before I got there, I got a call. One of our trucks bound for Idaho was having engine issues. The newer motors with regeneration capabilities of soot traps are proving to be far, far less than reliable. Two of our trucks have spent some serious time and money in the shop lately, and apparently the repairs aren't finished. I had to unload, haul hiney back to a truck stop east of Denver, drop my trailer and hook my compadre's load to hurry up and get to near Boise ID for a Wednesday morning crane appointment.

Monday night found me in Rawlins, WY at a half hour after sunset - the latest I could drive. I was pretty wound and didn't get much sleep. Yesterday, I caught up with the other two drivers with the other two tanks at Little America - they'd made it that far Monday, but one had found a water leak and the repair shop there was fixing it.

I didn't have an Idaho permit yet, but that issue was finally resolved about halfway through Utah. I pulled into our customer's site at about seven pm our time, dropped the trailer, ran back into town for a motel, and just generally crashed.

This morning finds me waiting for the crane - I'll be "tailing" the tanks helping the big crane. When we get that done, the rest of the week will be used up getting home.

Just another week in trucking paradise!


threecollie said...

Trucking sure is a miserable job. Had no idea until daughter started dating a trucker, and he is just local. Man the hassles are unbelievable. take care

lisa said...

The things our truckers go through to get the job done! More power to you! I am just glad that I am not one of you ;)

drjim said...

Rawlins and Little America....very familiar with them both!

Mo K. said...

Heck, I just came back from the 6 hour drive from Mom's in NC, and I was getting sleepy on the last hour of I95. I can't imagine driving for a living. Mr. Mo does very well, but our move to Idaho (I'm sure we'll be driving the same roads as you) will really put him to the test! Approx. 2,400 miles which we plan to cover in 3-4 days. I'll be driving a portion of course, to give him a break.