Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Better Mood

Well, after yesterday it's probably anticlimactic to play the "What Skyline is This?" game. I do wonder just what the huge structure off to the left (west) is. This picture was taken northbound on Texas 288 just coming in. The big sports arena was by US59 - we didn't take I45 through town to get to 288 - we used a free part of the Belt 6 loop to go from I45 over to US59 - then down to 288. Coming back was the reverse. Traffic on that route wasn't all that bad - it was nothing compared to what we ran into going through Ft. Worth. We were following US287, but rather than follow it while it runs with I35W, we had the bright idea to try the eastbound side of the I820 loop. Every time I've ever been on I35W it has always had several areas that turned into parking lots. I820 was stop and go from where TX121 (Airport Road) merged until we got to I35W, and it was more of the same until we finally got to the US287 split. By the time we got to Decatur, we'd had enough.

This is the Sam Houston giant statue that northbounders on I45 going through Huntsville, TX get to see. Everything is bigger in Texas.

And, it really wasn't as humid this trip, either. North of Houston is under a burn ban, and the kids are getting screwed out of their fireworks this year. Most counties have outlawed the sale and use for this year because of the drought.

I gotta say that their droughts don't hold a candle to ours - we'd figure we were rolling in rain if everything was as green as that area is.

And our traffic jams are when you get caught behind a tractor or combine and can't pass for about a minute or three.

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