Saturday, April 19, 2008


I actually am a K-State guy. I went to school there. My heart pumps purple blood. I do root for KU except when K-State is playing against them. I was pretty tickled when the Wildcats gave KU one of the 'Hawks three defeats this season. I was also proud of how well the 'Cats did in the tournament. For such a young team, they have every right to be happy with their performances this season.

But, when you've got one of your state's teams doing well, you just have to root for them, too. And since the KU/K-State rivalry is legendary, when one team wins the big enchilada, there will be gloating:

Segregation in Kansas

Sunday in Lawrence

Sunday in Manhattan

H/T Thanks to many of my friends who emailed these to me.

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Bob said...

I am a K.U. grad (Masters in Social Work). If that isn't the most worthless degree anyone ever got, I don't know what is. I never missed a home basketball game.