Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gag Me With A Spoon

That was one of the sayings the girls in my high school used in the distant past - it was right up there with "Ewww, gross." Anyways - aren't we all getting more than a little tired of the Sobe Lifewater commercial? Yeah, the one with Naomi Campbell and lizards dancing to "Thriller." Boy, there are a bunch of positive commercial icons for ya. Naomi - poster child for antisocial behavior, lizards getting some sort of druggie buzz from the water, and a song by a pedophile. Just what I want to see, and what kids need to be watching for inspiration.

A plain lizard leaps up to catch a drop or so of the vitamin water Naomi swills - guess she is messy, too. It transforms into a brightly colored lizard with glinting eyes, and suddenly more brightly lizards and a grasshopper appear, dancing in formation. Meanwhile, Naomi is apparently dancing to a different tune. One of the lizards eats the grasshopper, and we get a flash of the grills in some of the lizard's teeth. Wow. So cool. It's counterculture, man. Where are the baggy pants falling off asses and backwards caps? Wow. Them thar lizards aren't brotherly at all - they are predatory! Sooooo out there, man.

Looks like to me someone had dropped a hit or three more of "Vitamin A" than they could handle, and this bad trip has been foisted upon us as a result. This is supposed to sell a particular brand of vitamin water that isn't mentioned until a couple seconds at the end? This thing premiered as a Super Bowl commercial, fer G_d sakes. Somewhere, there are some ad types laughing in their bong water that they actually got this on national tv.

If you just have to see this commercial - go here. I'm not posting the damn thing. I'm tired of seeing it.

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