Sunday, September 01, 2013

20th Anniversary

Friday August 30 was the twentieth anniversary of David Letterman's debut on CBS. Remember those days? When Leno got the Tonight Show on NBC when Johnny Carson retired and Dave seemed to be the natural choice, especially when he was reported to be Carson's personal favorite?

I gotta admit I hate Letterman when he goes off on politics. However, I still get a large charge outta his show when he steers clear of politics. Plus he's a big supporter of our troops - he just had Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha, our nation's latest Medal of Honor winner on. And with certain guests, the show is hilarious. If Bruce Willis is on, it's a must see.
As it turns out, the very first show Dave did for CBS had Bill Murray on, who is another must see guest. So, who would you pick for the twentieth anniversary show?

The show aired Friday, and CBS has the video clips up now. Enjoy.




I literally had tears in my eyes watching this stuff.

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lisa said...

The hubby always liked Letterman better than Johnny Carson! That was a funny clip! Also, a favorite of the hubby, Bill Murray.