Friday, October 01, 2010

Sad Obama

Working at his Presidential job between visiting vacation hotspots is getting our Dear Leader down. "I'd appreciate a little break."

That right there is a guy who's in touch with his constituents and has a finger on the pulse of the economy. He is certainly a true leader with a vision. I know I'm inspired to acts of self sacrifice for the common good of our country.


drjim said...

Think he's sad now? Wait until November 3rd!

Lisa Paul said...

From the context of the article, it sounds as if he's just making a little joke as a nod to his hosts at a PRIVATE fundraiser. (Basically he says, "Linda and John have a beautiful place in Tuscany. Where's my invitation? I'd love a break.")C'mon, we've all made jokes like this and it means nothing ("So Joe, you just put in a swimming pool. Where's my invite?")

It's not as if he stood up at a Press conference speaking to the American people and said, "Gee I need a break."

Jeffro said...

Well, I agree with your point, Lisa, but this is the age that every utterance that falls from a President's lips is repeated worldwide. What he says and how he says it matters.

I'd say his media managers are doing a rather poor job. Even Garry Trudeau, who I have railed against in the past, is poking at Obama's disconnection from at least appearing empathetic.

When you have aides complaining about how tough governing actually is and statements like this quote from Rahm Emmanuel (as he resigned) this morning - "I want to thank you for being the toughest leader any country can ask for in the toughest times any country has ever faced" - well, that sort of thing just strikes me wrong. Toughest times? Since which World War and Great Depression?

If it's so bad, ixnay on the vacationay talkay, Mr. President.