Sunday, October 17, 2010

Photos Of Past Moments

A good portion of the posts here are inspired by things from the ol' email inbox. Got a PowerPoint from my Nuckle Kim today that is pretty compelling - mostly because I'm trying to figure out who some of the players are. Did a little looking and there is a site that has it available for embedding, so I'm gonna give it a try:


I took it apart in Open Office's Impress just so to try to ID some of the photos.

1. Pretty sure that's Salvador Dali
2. Winston Churchill and unidentified
3. Pearl Harbor, Dec 7 1941
4. Don't know, Bobby and Jack
5. Queen Elizabeth
6. The famous VJ Day kiss
7. @ Kittyhawk
8. I wish I knew
9. Can't tell who is with the rocket engines
10. Bridget! From France!
11. Airliner interior - pretty luxurious
12. Good lookin' legs!
13. Fishing in some European city?
14. S. Joseph & Co??? Where???
15. It's a Shorpy photo - who knows what street in what city....
16. Bathing Beauties
17. Sure looks like a Slavic Communist suppression of some sort.
18. The Rebel Without a Cause
19. Lech Walesa's Nobel Peace Prize?
20. Unfortuately, got no idea
I'm gonna start skipping some here...
23. Louis Armstrong
25. Period photo of two young women on a scooter or is that someone?
28. Gotta be a Cord? With a single fin?
29. Jeff Bridges and Karen Black? At first I thought she might be Jane Fonda, but I don't think so.
30. LLAP
38. IIRC, the Taliban blew all this up.
39. Battleship Row
40. King Tut's excavation
48. Asian theater WWII - beyond that?
50. Mighty Mo VJ Day?
52. Kennedys at play
53. John-John saluting at his father's funeral
54. More from that day
56. Eisenhower with the troops before D-Day
58. I've no idea but love the shades
59. Frankie and Ava
60. No idea
61. No idea
63. Sophia?
64. Jackie and Jack
66. Arc de Triomphe
67. MM
68. No idea
71. No idea
73. Pablo Picasso
74. Humphrey Bogart's and Lauren Bacall's wedding cake
75. Lauren, Humphrey and Marilyn
77. Hitler greeting.....
78. This couple
79. Liz
80. Alfred and Tipi
81. Bothers me I don't know - I should
83. No clue
84. MLK
85. Nikita from the Evil Empire
86. The thorn in our side south of Miami
87. Someone? Dunno
89. Jack, Angelica and Ava
90. John and the Destroyer of the Beatles
91. I should know
92. Same here
93. Hmmmm....
94. Dunno
97. I'm sure she's Jackie O in this pic
98. Streisand to our left - none very happy...
99. Hero of the disaffected left, outright killer to the rest of us
100. Leni Riefenstahl
101. I'm not messin' with the guy in the middle
102. MM again

Guess I'm bored - but these pics were tantalizing to me because I don't know who everyone is, and I'm of the opinion that I should....

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